Ali did not go to the bank line of financial data mining is no new meaning

Alibaba in recent years have obviously to finance the development trend of the industry, from Ali small loans to credit payment to the establishment of a financing Guarantee Corporation, its every move has been interpreted as to the bank, so many industry experts believe that the Alibaba will probably become the second China Merchants Bank, and a non domestic the state-run bank unit. But as Ma stressed that Alibaba will not Construction Bank future news spread like wildfire, people began to discover the original Alibaba in the financial or the lack of courage to.

maybe Ma Yun non bank statement is only one manifestation of personal frustration, after all, the construction of a non state-owned banks have complicated procedures and various system constraints will make many entrepreneurs have no heart its force, coupled with the shares of the Alibaba which is relatively complex, although the horse cloud is a major shareholder of YAHOO, but the proportion of shares can not be ignored, so I want to build a bank is naturally very difficult.

walk around the financial sector, rural areas around the city route

said that although the Construction Bank does not talk about MA mouth, but from the Alibaba in the financial aspects of the various measures, the relationship between the bank and the very close in terms of credit payment or from small loans to the current financing guarantee has a certain function of the bank, although not to the bank’s savings, but is in the mortgage function is quite scheming, and make use of their large business groups, to their lending or guarantees, its profitability is itself a guarantee.

thus, Ma is not the construction bank that is a smoke bomb, of course, may also be true, after all, as a business platform, perhaps in the banks do not have advantages, but mining from lending and related financial data and technology has obvious advantages, while lending itself can bring profits, and through the provision of financial data mining will also bring profit to Ali, all of this nature is the basis for future development of ali.

and Alibaba in 2012 electricity supplier conference has proposed its own development strategy, which is the platform, data and finance is the future development of the three plates. So the Alibaba will use its own Internet technology, as well as years of data advantage, to sell loans both data will come naturally.

data mining refers to nothing new, or to expand the mobile terminal Ali financial building

if the Alibaba to sell the last data to obtain profit is obviously not have the courage to reform and innovation, although this is highly profitable, but it is very difficult to put the Alibaba to a higher level. But from the innovation service in recent years Alibaba in data mining is no surprise, but from the development of various kinds of financial products that people have unlimited reverie, Alibaba in the mobile terminal of the mobile financial force again disrupted the financial pattern. With the development of mobile Internet mobile payment has been rapidly coming to us Alibaba Alipay payment payment information and has a better advantage in mobile.