Electricity supplier open platform to accelerate the layout of the United States online fear there i

recently, many media have received the United States online 3 this month, held at the Diaoyutai State Guest House platform for strategic investment invitation, it is reported, are expected to attend this meeting platform for businesses or super 500, Gome online will announce the heavy message on the same day, tempt the appetite of the outside world.

had a period of time, the United States has not deliberately stressed the external online platform strategy, and parity Jingdong, you lose, and so on, the industry also shocked the declaration is limited to proprietary goods. This time the United States suddenly accelerate online open platform, in the end what signals to release it?

A thing has its cause. flow

my opinion, Gome online force open platform "long", but at this point in time, there are at least three reasons:

first is the need for self-development. August 25th Gome group released the first half earnings, not expected to remain profitable, profit of about 690 million yuan, an increase of 115.2%. Beyond all expectations is the development speed of the electricity supplier, the United States online transactions rose 53.7%, day unique visitors (UV) grew 43.8%, in the domestic B2C online shopping market share ranking has risen from ninth in the first quarter rose to fifth.

from the first half Earnings Disclosure of the data, the United States proposed group president Wang Junzhou internal mail "at the end of the year and strive to exceed suning.com" goal does not seem difficult to achieve high growth, but obviously can not rely solely on the appliance of 3C fully support the United States online, the need for a more multi category add rich SKU, improve turnover. For clothing department stores and other categories, the United States to attract investment in the open platform to attract third parties settled, step in place".

followed by consumer demand. August 22nd, the United States organized the online Friends forum, there are some of the old members of the necessities of life, the United States there are fewer brands online phenomenon, I hope the category is more abundant.. Gome online chairman Mou Guixian proposed to build a one-stop shopping ecosystem ideas, and spoilers of the key lies in the September 3rd platform investment will be sufficient to protect the interests of users.

Mou Guixian has always stressed the 23 major aspects of the user experience, the details of the 63, which is crucial to jump out rate, conversion rate, the rate of repeat purchase and other indicators and category richness is directly related. Attract new users, retain old customers, the need for a closed loop, covering all categories of life, and even the various categories of first-line brand. Otherwise, once the user can not find the goods they need, it could immediately switch to other sites, the electricity supplier’s shopping habits of hard training to vanish like soap bubbles. Daily necessities such as daily necessities for the open platform is essential.

finally is the impact of the industry situation. Throughout the B2C market of the top ten electricity supplier, will be regarded as a platform for business priority among priorities, even started by a single category of dangdang.com, shop No. 1, VANCL, never ignore the platform. Compared to proprietary mode, the platform model is clearly more likely to rapidly expand the scale, and profit