Four key points for online business

e-commerce is getting closer and closer to the public, online business is getting more and more optimistic about how to do e-commerce, the author based on practical experience, that there are several main points:

a, get customer trust

this is the primary problem of e-commerce, because online business and offline business. How to get customer trust is the key. Customer trust has several common skills.

1 page contact address, telephone number, and other relevant certificates. Mostly just a certain network, because now the site is too much, what is called what the network, so only the actual data show, in order to obtain customer trust.

2 familiar with the knowledge of the services or products they sell. For example, selling cosmetics, I have to be familiar with the relevant knowledge of beauty, with professional knowledge to answer customer questions and so on. So, although I beat poem although is under no makeup for publicity, daily traffic only dozens of people, but every day there are ten orders, business time.

3 customer evaluation. Try to make every customer do a simple feedback on their service, can receive many good ideas of continuous improvement from their own, in addition to pick out some good evaluation on the site, so the effect is also very good.

two, good service

good service not only includes instant reply to customers, instant delivery products, but also in the telephone conversation with customers and many other small details of the tone. These aspects have been done, it is easy to bring a good reputation. Word of mouth is the best way of publicity, with a good reputation, business can not be good.

three, a comprehensive marketing strategy

electronic commerce certainly cannot do without the network marketing, and network marketing depends on the details of winning out to the knowledge and skills in many aspects, such as search engine ranking, Links, network advertising, community outreach, E-MAIL marketing and so on, can get their own learning, but the beginning please some professional companies the tender will be better.

four, select a good courier company

distribution is a key link, so in the choice of courier companies, can not look at the price, the key depends on the speed and quality of service. Because the eyes of customers, courier service is part of our e-commerce services.

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