Tonight 0 preferential Gome online Li special iPad Mini 2 only 1818


dual 11 Shopping Festival has just ended, love is boundless hand chop? November 18th to 20, the United States online "Li Chang purchase passion concert" will be played again. Gome online CEO Li Juntao to double top 11 selling products and the strongest brand list TOP list reloaded, the whole category of goods put sharp price straight down thousands of TV category, empty ice wash every 1000 drop 100 yuan discount 2000 yuan cap, computer category full 2000 by 500, the iPhone 5S is to put the price of 2788 yuan attack! More i5 laptop fell below 3000 yuan, fourth pieces of 50 percent off air conditioning in the refrigerator door, 2999 yuan, 9 yuan from the FMCG department four gifts huge benefits to hit! Xiaolifeidao Zaixian low-cost electricity supplier Arena shopping spree, you do not come to



iPad Mini only 1818 yuan in the list of top selling goods gathered

in the consumer oriented market background, double 11 big promotion is the consumer shopping season, more integrated manufacturers "combat" "parade". After the double 11 shopping season, Lee will play special goods list assembled hot list, we occupy the top of the TOP electric single product 55 inch SANYO 55CE1168R3 4K HD TV straight down 2000 yuan, 2999 yuan price activity; double the sales of 11 king iPad Mini 2 16G is only 1818 yuan, limited to 100 units per day, hand slowly no; ASUS 14 inch notebook computer only sold 3299 yuan, sales break million Taiwan star Haier 7 kg drum washing machine selling price of 999 yuan; 11 double sales break 8000 SONY KD-49X8000C 49 inch smart TV fell below the reserve price of 4488 yuan huge benefit comes, 21L beauty M1-L213B microwave oven 259 yuan, Ling tachograph BL850 only the sale of 179 yuan consumers pointed goods gifts put price, store is the classic



smart home appliances achievement channel King 191 liter Haier refrigerator door 1199 yuan

double 11 big promotion for three days, the United States online again open online and offline interaction O2M full retail strategy, relying on the industry for nearly thirty years supply chain industry, home appliances category of mobile phone sales exceeded 1 million, the high-end smart appliances reloaded sales accounted for over 30% of smart appliances sales channels for the first. The Lao Li special, the strongest brand TOP list another Carnival feast, TOP Apple topped the list, by the double 11 day to sell 2000 units of iPhone 6S 16G rose gold 4G mobile phone 4968 yuan led you to occupy the throne of the runner up together! That is the well-known domestic brands widely favored by consumers, Haier, Haier 191 representative three liters refrigerator BCD-191STPA only 1199 yuan, in addition, also by the beauty of the brand only sold 1158 yuan 185 liters double door refrigerator BCD-185QM led.