Lin Wei micro-blog D financing suggests investors reflection like pupil


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technology news August 24th morning news, in the operating difficulties of the cotton company CEO Wei Lin yesterday bursts of more than micro-blog, to the outside world that the financing difficulties that cause outage in cotton. Lin Wei hinted that investors like to hold a huge sum of money and do not understand the electricity supplier pupils, resulting in electricity supplier financing difficulties.

15:17 yesterday afternoon, Lin Wei has been unable to explain why cotton financing in micro-blog. He suggested that by analogy, some investors do not understand the business requirements and a gross margin category, and the scale of these parameters, thus leading to the financing difficulties of cotton.

This means that

cotton road financing after two years is still uncertain. Cotton was first established, it is the end of 2010, cotton had received two rounds of angel investment. The second round of investors including the founder of New Oriental Xu Xiaoping and La Gang online CEO Wang Feng. In September last year, announced the start D A round of financing, the scale is expected to be $30 million.

however, in the business capital environment deteriorating, cotton A round of financing since it has not yet made a message. The market continues to hear the news of the company’s layoffs and capital chain tension. Just this week, the payment default supplier, cotton warehouse was closed, the site also announced to stop operations. With sina communication technology, Lin Wei admitted d not get financing.

but before the two micro-blog, Lin Wei bursts of three micro-blog explained his understanding of the various modes of the electricity supplier, indicating that the cotton pattern is still optimistic about. He believes that the pan meaning of electricity providers, including 4 models: B2B, C2C, B2C and network brand chain model.

cotton is belong to Lin Wei said fourth network brand model. Lin Wei said that today, Tmall and Jingdong as the representative of the B2C large distribution and store model has basically formed a carrier level traffic control, online commodity trading channels has become increasingly mature. When the channel is mature, only content providers (brand) to further promote the development of the channel, so the development of the Internet brand has just begun." (Li Yun)