What is the Chinese domain name what is the Chinese prefix domain name

now all kinds of domain forum, regardless of the opposition or support group, the majority of people on the Chinese domain concept is still very fuzzy, even worse is that often the domain name and domain name prefix Chinese Chinese confused. Now let me explain in detail:

1, Chinese domain name:

Chinese domain name refers to the prefix and suffix are Chinese domain name. According to "on the adjustment of China’s Internet domain name system announcement" (letter of the Ministry of electricity [2008]172 number), the current Chinese domain name tentatively these:

. China – applies to units in our country, corresponding to the English domain name.Cn;

. Company – suitable for commercial and industrial enterprises and other for-profit units, corresponding to the English domain name.Com.cn;

. Network – suitable for the use or use of network facilities to provide services to the unit, corresponding to the English domain name.Net.cn;

. Government – suitable for the party and government organizations, government departments, etc., corresponding to the English domain name.Gov.cn;

. Public welfare – applies to non-profit units, corresponding to the English domain name.Org.cn.

. Two. Government and public management in office by the suffix, because the right registration administrative organs and institutions are in the office. Next year, only China wrote the global domain name root server, other suffixes are still in coordination. However, because the next year to open the personality suffix, so that several other Chinese suffixes can be applied to establish the suffix.

2, Chinese prefix domain name

is the prefix is Chinese, the suffix is the kind of domain name in English, such as: Chinese.Com. ICANN allows the use of other languages, including Chinese, such as the Internet top-level domain characters, Chinese prefix domain name is just one of them, as well as Japanese, Korean, India language…… Such as the world can be used as a prefix. In other words, there are a number of suffixes will have how many Chinese prefix domain name.

At present, the "

.Cn Chinese" is also a prefix Chinese domain, but in accordance with the CNNIC plan can be successfully converted into Chinese domain Chinese next year. Chinese ", but the other English suffix, so far, still can not turn Chinese suffix of the wind.