Foreign business enterprise will have strong to an antidote against the disease

In order to broaden the channels of Commerce station is the establishment of e-commerce

foreign trade enterprises, to carry out more trade business, overseas market is so prosperous and the number of enterprises vacant, it is a good time to come, but because of the development of foreign trade enterprises e-commerce service platform, it is easy to instability, the cultural difference is obvious, and the customer service and customer support services and payment problems are more trouble, has been plagued by a number of foreign trade enterprises, so most companies here chose to recede.

service platform instability, the main reason is that the domestic electricity supplier companies ignore the choice of virtual host, foreign trade enterprises are facing overseas customers, of course, is a good host overseas. And the United States just where the generation and development of computer technology, advanced technical support is the embodiment of its advantages. Now the United States and most of the developed countries in the world to establish a network connection, so if the purchase of the United States is a virtual host, you can save the trouble to establish a network connection with other countries again. And now the United States because of the virtual host to lay the market base in the country, so the positioning is almost all high quality but low price, very affordable.

in addition, foreign trade also pay attention to the stability of the site, the stability requirements of the virtual hosting site has a very high, so when the HostEase virtual machine to solve this problem, the majority of enterprises have chosen this host. Because the server is placed in the domestic access to the fastest SoftLayer room, Jose Data Center for Chinese users do route optimization, more stable access to the site, another point is the HostEase virtual host can be free for the record, save time and effort for the owners, but the price is not expensive, the coupon code July in addition to buy any package blog type the host can get 20% permanent concessions, renewals can also use this privilege, super.

speed is another requirement of the foreign trade site, because the site access speed has a huge impact on the site’s profit. Access speed will affect the speed of the site, the site can not open, visitors can not understand the product will not be possible to buy. Of course, this will affect the final return of the enterprise. Therefore, the U.S. HostEase virtual host KT server to speed up access to the server, immediately on the mainframe market. KT room and China Telecom, China Unicom has established a 10GB broadband network connection, to ensure that the user’s online running time of 99.9%. However, in order to further consider the site’s page or do not have too much of the Flash animation or video, which will affect the speed of the web page.

on foreign trade enterprises station, the foreign trade market is not yet a fully developed areas, there is considerable room for profit, so try to have no ground for blame. But since foreign trade enterprises decided to build e-commerce site, is certainly hope that they can develop better, therefore, a clear analysis of foreign trade station required as well as its weak points, and then an antidote against the disease. Must be twice the result with half the effort.