7 mobile providers hukouduoshi them what data the most amazing

used by Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, vip.com occupy the eyeball is electricity supplier, the mobile terminal is more new power cutting site. If you ever move the electricity supplier is basically PC side electricity supplier immigrants, then today’s mobile electricity supplier, is emerging more and more indigenous". Billion state power network before the inventory of a number of mobile business enterprise wide concern this year, and the most prominent business data.

interesting is that in this list, "white" and "township youth" to become the main positioning of these mobile business enterprise two categories of people. Either, or import items, which has become the choice of two models of mobile business enterprise.

1, little red book: 5 months sales of 200 million

heady, has just completed the cross-border shopping community of little red book of B round of financing, from the beginning of December last year involved in the electricity business, launched the "welfare" shopping section. It is understood that less than half a year’s time, its electricity supplier business in the case of zero advertising investment to create more than 200 million of sales.

public information, the little red book in October 2013 for the first time in the market launch of the first product "Red Book exit shopping guide APP in the app store on the line after three months, the hundreds of thousands of downloads; second products" community shopping notes "launched on December 2013. 2014 in March, red book announced the completion of the A round of financing.

little red book CEO Mao Wenchao revealed that the first tier cities is still the mainstream of small red book, accounting for 50%. In the feature, "small sweet potato" (referring to the Red Book users) are distributed in the age of 18-30 years old, with students, white-collar women, which accounted for 70%-80%, therefore the community discussion more focused on skin beauty, bags, health care products and so on female topic. The digital, outdoor and other commodities discussed is relatively unpopular.

2, darling gift: the repeat purchase rate of 40% ~ 50%

small meat Luhan investment darling gift App, is the recent focus on new high degree of enterprise mobile providers. The first to present as the starting point of shopping applications, has begun to speak of cross-border story category of goods is no longer confined to the present.

According to the

darling gift shop vice president Wang Xi introduced, the darling gift, the price of most for dozens of yuan to two hundred or three hundred yuan, the most expensive to reach two thousand or three thousand yuan. The single user speed of 50 seconds, repeat purchase rate is relatively high, at 40%-50%.

2013, darling gift completed A round of financing, December 2014 to complete the B round of financing. At the end of May 2014 "Darling gift" on the apple App Store, 3 months received 1 million 500 thousand installed users. At present, darling gift overseas cooperation brand has more than and 50, more than and 500 brands, more than and 70 of them are independent brands.