The first electronic payment license is expected to be issued during the year

China Internet Center (CNNIC) released the latest data show that in 2009, the use of online payment rate reached 24.5%, the scale of 94 million 60 thousand users, the annual increase of up to 80.9%, is the network application in all electronic commerce application users the fastest growth. Sources said the central bank will be issued during the year electronic payment license, thereby promoting the rapid development of electronic payment.

five year growth of 30 times

data show that in 2009, China’s online payment market size of more than 570 billion yuan, an increase of more than $274 billion 300 million in 2008 compared to $110%. Online payment transaction volume growth of more than five consecutive years of more than 100%. In the past five years, the transaction size has increased by nearly 30 times. The rapid growth of the online payment industry has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

iResearch predicts that if the third party payment can maintain a strong momentum of development, the current industry to 2012, transaction size will exceed 2 trillion yuan, compared with this year’s trading volume to achieve two times, according to the 0.5% rate of return (revenue / turnover) calculation, when the industry revenue is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan.

CNNIC believes that the rapid growth of online payment, on the one hand is the rapid expansion of the field of online payment, third party payment companies and insurance cooperation, aviation and other capital big circulation industry to strengthen the online payment in full bloom, B2B, B2C, C2C; on the other hand, the rapid growth of online shopping and travel booking strong to pull the growth of online payment.

is currently the third party electronic payment enterprises not only provide a complete platform solution to engage in e-commerce businesses, also bear the cultivation of the cardholder market, to provide fast and efficient means of payment for the cardholder task.

IPS strategic development director Xia Bo is expected, the next ten years, in addition to online shopping, electronic payment, virtual airline ticket industry, B2C industry continues to expand, in the people’s livelihood payment of public utilities and other aspects, will also play a more important role.

the first batch of licenses issued during the year

sources, the central bank to build "payments clearing Association" will be established within this month, will be led by the association responsible for coordination in 2010 launched the first batch of electronic payment license, this would mean that the online payment become fashionable for a time formally incorporated into the financial supervision system.

Xia Bo believes that the central bank issued electronic payment license, will become the catalyst to promote the rapid development of electronic payment in the next stage to continue.

According to

, the first to join the association of payment clearing of a total of 30 enterprises, of which, including the Alipay C2C based electronic payment enterprises, including IPS to industry oriented user oriented enterprises.

in order to unify and standardize the industry standards for electronic payment companies, the central bank from the second half of last year began to conduct research on third party payment companies, requiring a number of resident branches to pay >