Dangdang bid farewell to the couple shop dug managers COO and CFO


Dangdang coo Huang Ruo


Dangdang chief financial officer Yang Jiahong

March 30th news, the establishment of ten years Dangdang finally bid farewell to the couple store (Li Guoqing, Yu Yu couple) management model. Dangdang announced today to dig two occupation managers as chief operating officer (COO) and chief financial officer (CFO). The industry believes that the professional managers in place, especially CFO, which means that Dangdang’s listing plan began to accelerate.

dangdang.com announced today that the former vice president of Taobao, Taobao mall official Huang Ruo as COO, responsible for the publication of the Ministry of goods, merchandise department, sales department, sales department and other departments of the work site; the original Air Media CFO Yang Jiahong as CFO, and is responsible for the overall management of the company’s financial, legal and investor relations.

dig yellow if force department store

Dangdang is currently well-known e-commerce brand, the book’s gross margin is limited, the department store will be the focus of its next move. According to Li Guoqing 09 in August when the media publicly disclosed data, then Dangdang, department stores accounted for 15% of revenue, this year’s goal is 30%, after this goal has been revised to $50%.

Li Guoqing, President of

Dangdang, said in a public statement, joined by Huang Ruo, will improve Dangdang operating system in the department store retail". Thus, Huang Ruo joined forces with Dangdang department stores inseparable.

Huang Ruo has a wealth of experience in the retail industry, he was responsible for the formation of Taobao mall, Taobao vice president, general manager of B2C. Before joining Taobao, Huang Ruo, in the early Lotus Makro, Tianjin home of the world and many other well-known retail enterprises as executives, have rich experience in this field.

listing plans to accelerate

was founded 10 years not yet listed dangdang.com was the ridicule as "monster", but this time, Dangdang listed is to the real thing, it hired Yang Jiahong CFO to take on this task.

When joining

in current, Yang Jiahong is the Air Media’s CFO, he had spent 8 months in Hailun Air Media listed on NASDAQ in the United States, and even hit investors when Chinese companies listed in the U.S. and earnings during the roadshow two single record rate. In addition to hailun air listing, Yang Jiahong has done 11 years of corporate CFO, 8 years of investment banking.

issued in dangdang.com news information, the background of Yang Jiahong, especially the 8 month hailun Air Media successfully listed was highlighted. The industry believes that this is not unrelated to Dangdang’s listing plan, one of Yang Jiahong’s task is to help Dangdang listed. In this regard, Li Guoqing also hinted that he said in a statement, Yang Jiahong joined the implementation of greater capital in the future Dangdang >