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What is electronic commerce? B2B or B2C? Has been talked about as the endorsement of e-commerce has now with the tide of the Internet economy and the ebb and flow of people out of the audience. And this is mainly to be placed a lot of hope that they did not play much role. Recently, according to a new study in the United States, with B2B (business to business) development of the downturn, from April 2000 to June 2002, only 43% survived B2B. B2B is expected to decline from 1500 in 2000 to 200 in 2003. But in the case of B2C where to go or not, my8848 for managers and investors and conflicts throughout the fall; once hot capital of the country E sites because of funding problems have become soundless and stirless…… Many B2C companies is difficult, difficult to continue. What happened to e-commerce? Why is it thought to be able to grow rapidly in the coming years? Who can in the development of e-commerce in the long run, to guide the trend? It is helpful for us to grasp the development direction of e-commerce in the future after the Internet bubble burst.

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