QQ online shopping open platform nvestment the first 300 settled


Tencent electricity supplier’s QQ online shopping is about to start an open platform investment, the number of merchants into the first batch of QQ shopping online shopping mall will reach 300 by the end of this year to complete the overall migration of the mall and QQ QQ.

, according to informed sources, the electricity supplier Tencent high-rise recently appeared frequently in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Ningbo and other places, to conduct research on the various types of large number of sellers, and the research emphasis is focused on the B2C platform QQ online shopping platform open investment policy.

is one of the business to billion state power network said, QQ online shopping will be divided into two batches to complete the QQ mall to open platform for businesses to migrate. The seller will be invited by settled the way and invited to Taobao, Jingdong and Tencent in the electronic business platform of big sellers, as well as some traditional brands, the expected number between 260 to 300.

Tencent electricity supplier to the batch settled in the seller’s commitment, will focus on the advantages of traffic to focus on support, the first in QQ online shopping bigger and stronger." The merchant pointed out that Tencent has infiltrated the merchant QQ online shopping platform for open investment standards, including quality of service and product quality as the first element of the assessment, rather than sales. Meet the above conditions, is expected to get more traffic resources, and ensure the realization of "good and steady profit space.

billion state power network and then contact the Tencent to the electricity supplier, the other declined to comment, but pointed out that the new platform will pay more attention to the business quality, service and reputation, can enter the open platform QQ online shopping sellers have a higher brand awareness, must also be in the top of the sales and service satisfaction.

Tencent electricity supplier since independence, fast platform integration speed is accelerating. There are people close to the electricity supplier Tencent, QQ mall in the quality of the seller before the end of 2012, the overall migration to the new platform QQ online shopping.

At present,

, QQ online shopping by Kelan diamond, good music to buy, easy fast, shop No. 1, Dangdang, where customers, wheat bags and other 7 vertical respective shoulder operation and delivery channel category. In the subsequent adjustment, the network is expected to be easy to become the future of Tencent Tencent electricity supplier’s main dry rack, including the establishment of logistics warehousing and supporting services to improve. While other settled electricity supplier is playing the role of category operations.

for the future QQ online shopping open platform, the same category channel, there will be a number of B2C and brands, distributors, suppliers coexist situation. Electricity supplier is responsible for the operation of the channel and the new merchants in how to share the resources of Tencent, is an open platform can not be avoided.


, QQ bags mall sales of the first Yuri yield CEO Xu Huawei to billion state power network said that he was more concerned about the fusion, category, operations, business management, and the flow distribution is more market-oriented.

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