Taobao mall price is expected to end the end of the era of high-end B2C free Era

Taobao recently a thought that can be intended to combat piracy, a measure of fake and shoddy products, is also greatly enhance the Taobao mall service fee, the minimum should be 60 thousand yuan, the highest can reach 150 thousand yuan, and each year only 6000 yuan service fee, instant increase Shijiershiduo times, this no doubt to the industry dropped an atomic bomb, detonated a series of chain reaction, especially in the low-end users is huge, and that Taobao unilaterally low-end users there is suspicion of selling fake products, industry experts believe that this is Taobao’s arbitrary move is that it is easy to find a pretext! Opinionated Taobao, Taobao mall has led to many brand sellers attacked, whether the Taobao mall low-end users revolution Taobao can change the high fees many experts believe that the original intention?, This behavior is undoubtedly Pifu shake the tree, finally failed or living in vulnerable groups

!In fact, similar to the Taobao

mall, QQ mall before the reduced service fee, the main reason is that in order to attract more businesses and enterprises, after the formation of a certain scale, the nature will begin to increase costs, profits, this is the website of the normal operation, according to the Chinese consumer love cheap the consumption habits, to attract more loyal customers, when the site found they had cannot do without charge at the mall, then, loyal users only two way to go, is a good payment, another is the exit, and the loyal users walked Third Road, that is to choose a riot, but Taobao unexpected


B2C but the high-end low-cost platform free will end, but this time the distance problem, even if the Taobao charge caused the low-end users of the revolution, there is no way to change the price of the meal can not eat for free, even if the QQ mall offers several months of free shopping mall, it is also a qingjunruweng, when QQ when users think mall is worth paying, will be under the ruthless hand! As the mall low-end users must be in the vulnerable groups, namely the use of violence to disrupt the normal operation of Taobao mall, it can obtain the bargaining chips or very little

!Because Taobao mall

mastered the core technology operations, Taobao can only act as a Daozu position, and Taobao mall users is nothing more than a fish, many experts believe that, according to the character of Ma Yun, or take established guidelines, if Taobao mall has been providing low-cost pricing policy, then Taobao’s profit level will become the Alibaba’s time site under the lowest, Taobao mall can only become Alibaba chicken ribs, not to support the good technology, eventually Taobao mall will face destruction, so the price policy will become the mainstream of

!Don’t look now

QQ mall to lure businesses through the policy of free admission, this is just to see the competition between peers business opportunities. It once established enough loyal users and high-end users in high fees will follow, so the future trend of the Internet, enjoy a free meal is also more and more.