Genuine guaranteed free home installation Wacom Tmall flagship store grand opening

Spring ten, it is better to make your ideas more exciting. In order to allow consumers to enjoy a better creative life, the world’s leading interactive solutions provider Wacom Wacom flagship store opened Tmall grand opening. Wacom hopes that by combining with Tmall, the quality of digital tablet products and unique creative aesthetics will be passed to more Chinese consumers.


from now on, consumers can through the Wacom Tmall flagship store to buy from the new series of LCD screen, digital Dili intuos tablet series, Bamboo series, Bamboo Stylus tablet stylus, to pen, cartridge, film and other Wacom products and accessories. In addition, the future of all new products Wacom China region will be the first time in the Wacom Tmall flagship store released. In order to provide more quality services, Wacom shopping consultant will provide a full range of pre sales solutions, professional service team will also provide a full range of after-sales support protection.


it is worth mentioning that, in the Wacom Tmall flagship store to buy a digital tablet 10 or a new Timor digital screen more than 3 customers, Wacom can provide free on-site installation services. Customers can contact Wacom Tmall flagship store online customer service or call 4006779289 calls to come home service needs, Wacom engineers will contact the customer agreed time to install the door. Need to be reminded that the on-site installation services in the customer order from the date of completion of 30 days, the current service is only limited to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other places.

Tmall relevant responsible person said, very pleased to cooperate with the field of human-computer interaction as the leading company of Wacom, Tmall hopes to provide all Wacom products to consumers at the same time, also can help Wacom Chinese expand market share and brand influence.

it is understood, Wacom has opened up in China including online and offline sales channels covering a variety of products, the current mainstream business platform, to meet the consumer demand for diversified shopping. The future, Wacom will continue cultivating the channel layout, the tablet provides the high quality for the majority of users China screen and digital products at the same time, but also for the majority of China provide consumers with more convenient and efficient service.

with the new Wacom Tmall flagship store, we want to strengthen the interaction between the Wacom brand and consumers, but also to provide consumers with a platform to understand Wacom product information network." Wacom global executive vice president Lin Qiang said, "Wacom has been paid great attention to Chinese consumer demand, through this platform, we will be more in-depth understanding of consumer demand and consumer behavior, and constantly adjust our products and services to better meet the needs of consumers China."