Secret Taobao single brush behind the unknown processes

talk about Taobao brush the word, I do not want to know a few people, the Internet is not so much a word: ten Taobao nine brush, as well as a wholesale". Through this sentence we learned that Taobao brush should be very popular.

speaking of Taobao brush this topic, so many people will think of a famous Wangzhuan project online. Yes, that is, Taobao brush a part-time job, familiar with the industry’s friends will think this is a way to make money, not familiar with this will be considered a scam on the network.


so Taobao brush a single post in the end is true or false? Xiaobian personal verification results for you, for you to uncover the secret behind a single Taobao brush workflow.

online shopping has become one of the ways people love shopping, due to see the real quality of goods, consumers are accustomed to refer to the store online shopping sales, credit and evaluation to decide whether to buy. However, many people do not know, in fact, these high sales, high credit and high evaluation, a large part of the brush out. Brush off, which is an emerging network of part-time, from a few years ago haze heavily behind Taobao rose to figure. "Brush off" is how to brush single muddy water Taobao deal? After more than and 20 days of unannounced visits, small brush off into the arena, to see this unknown Taobao scalping underground industry chain.

[Taobao brush means]

hired brush hand fake shopping

familiar with Taobao’s users are aware of the business if you want to attract more buyers into the store, browse (commonly known as make traffic), you must have a better ranking. Ranking with the sales, popularity, evaluation of the business. And those who opened the shop earlier than others, sales, evaluation is not as good as the other shop owner, often through the single brush in this way to improve sales, popularity and evaluation.

Xiaobian survey found that the first brush single model is the shop hired to buy fake fake goods. The so-called false buy, is to take a commodity, brush hands do not really pay, businesses can choose gift envelopes payment, payment, payment and other remote channels to pay, then give businesses the five-star praise. With the continuous expansion of the single brush, the original single false transaction brush single model, but also evolved into a single browsing, malicious single, etc.. The so-called malicious single, refers to each other’s competitors between businesses, will be privately hired to brush the company, to buy another commodity, and then to the business review, pull down the other evaluation.

in the Taobao business circles, is very famous, "brush is found dead, do not brush is dead. Ten Taobao nine brush, there is a wholesale and so on,

[brush off crowd]

mostly part-time college students, full-time mother

brush company hired brush hand is the brush off. Survey found that about 80% of the brush off for a part-time