Amoy brand survival times in addition to the kidnapping of the network red also do

Abstract: now the brand personality is red, network economy is popular, can make full use of fragmented time brand customers high frequency effect more easily so the Amoy brand first talent shows itself, "kidnapping" red net brand personality, try the company media line.


is now the electricity supplier is a traditional industry, the Amoy brand grew up relying on Taobao mall are staged their rise and fall down again, Liebo M & a city of angels, Semir $2 billion acquisition of GXG, more like wheat bags, boxes, green grass collection of stars such as Amoy brand or Amoy or decline.

Amoy brand seems to have fallen into the collective destruction situation, only the starry, Liebo, new agricultural brother, song, and a few brands are still moving on. Admittedly, the Amoy brand is a product of Taobao traffic bonus, but when the bonus loss, micro business, cross-border electricity supplier, rural electricity providers, electricity providers and other new ecological Red Net fought, Amoy brand called "how to cross the line of life and death" in the turmoil and shuffle, and how to be reborn?

Amoy brand, is standing at the crossroads of

Amoy brand refers to those born in the Tmall platform for the growth of young brands, we are more or less exposed to those in various segments of the leader, such as:

call me mainstream wind, I am OSA, white-collar fashion guide

told me I was cotton leprosy, Yan man, Mianma artist

told me I was natural grass collection, plant the first skin care concept

told me I was on vacation, Crespo card relaxed slow life


call me nuts man, I’m a new farmer, nuts, I want the new farmers brother


a lot of the Amoy brand at this stage completed the primitive accumulation of wealth, but when the Amoy brand officially renamed the Tmall original, when Taobao renamed Tmall mall, a large number of traditional offline brands into Tmall, the flow of resources to favor big brands, they began to Amoy brand brand and suffered double squeeze flow.

take these years, Tmall double eleven clothing category ranking data: 2013, Tmall women’s clothing, the traditional brand and Amoy brand sales accounted for 5 seats in the top 10. In 2014, women, UNIQLO after Han clothing in the second row, traditional brands occupy 3 places in the top six, and in the men’s clothing brand in the traditional "unified". In 2015, UNIQLO apparel categories become the Grand Slam women in the top five, leaving only a starry Amoy brand. Even in the Tmall store sales ranking in the top 20, only Lin wood, Han clothing for the Amoy brand, Haier, GREE, UNIQLO, JACK&JONES, Semir and other traditional brands have an overwhelming advantage.

this is because more and more traditional companies slowly changing ideas, learned to wash the brand operating rules, Amazon, Gome, Dangdang, etc.