Household electricity supplier do not change the O2O O+O

with Meikailong’s business platform "red beauty mall" in Waterloo, and had a home and home depot, Markor also announced that Tmall settled, Home Furnishing stores the giants of the case seems to have heralded bleak prospects for Home Furnishing vertical electricity supplier to us. The Home Furnishing product experience is very important, especially after the rise of the overall Home Furnishing custom is so, but under the mode of B2C Home Furnishing electric products, in effect, experience of logistics and transport, return and maintenance and other issues, has been criticized by people.

focus on localization and product experience O2O business model (online to offline), has been in many service industries such as food and entertainment etc. it has achieved good results, is also regarded as the most suitable Home Furnishing industry business model. O2O mode has the dual advantages of online and offline, it online aggregation popularity, and will guide the customer to the offline experience, and ultimately improve the customer turnover of home stores. Based on local advantages, but also makes transportation, installation and after-sales service has a better protection.

but seems to be a wonderful prospect, in the face of the earth is always subject to various resistance. Now, Home Furnishing O2O mode is generally good, but the lack of real success stories about this situation, and the overall Home Furnishing electricity supplier has just started, and the companies operating in many of the problems exposed is not effective in solving the.

broadly speaking, the current United States Lele, Luxuries delivery under a new home network, new nest network sites such as are in the implementation of the O2O model. However, according to the specific mode of operation points, the United States Lele and new home network are operating their own proprietary brands, they mean more vertical. The new nest network belongs to the nature of the platform: there is no self brand, all of the goods from the cooperative brand. This also represents the home appliance business in two main directions: or to establish their own brands, or use the platform to enhance the efficiency of the channel and stores.

as the representative of the vertical O2O electricity supplier, with two rounds of financing America Lele, at present there is a considerable number of online store goods, also is the independent brand products, small decorations to the wardrobe cabinets and other custom furniture, Goods are available in all varieties. The advantage of this is to achieve seamless online and offline, because in the same company, whether it is the implementation of the policy, sharing of information and data, or some customer service responsibility, have a very good solution. In addition, the rise of the overall home, but also indicates that this product is a good prospect of diversified household brands.

but this model is also very obvious shortcomings, the first is the increase in the number of stores operating under the line of burden and risk, the enterprise is too large to cope with the body’s rapid response to many possible changes. And in the furniture market matures today, the competition between brands is particularly fierce. The positioning of the United States Lele home O2O electricity supplier, the consumer’s impression of the electricity supplier is cheap, which is the biggest reason for online shopping. The brand is to be through the characteristics of the product, and the user to establish a deeper relationship, the image will be played