Unannounced visits to double eleven express sorting staged Kung fu

recently, with the circle of friends constantly ringing "gentlemen please, keep a good credit card password" and "how to prevent the daughter-in-law prodigal" as a new wave of "early warning", people can not help but feel the "double 11" of the "robbery" really want to! So the courier industry ready this year? "3· 15, the media launched a special investigation of the courier industry, make unannounced visits to the Zhengzhou several well-known courier company," express sorting kung fu movies, tossed flying kick and chaos, with annual exams, the phenomenon of

is improved?

from November 3rd to 5, the original cast again for a visit.

: a "double 11 war" express will exceed the amount of 760 million

this year is the "double 11" in the seventh year. With the participation of more and more businesses, turnover surged, the volume of orders increased exponentially year by year.


State Post Bureau issued a notice on November 9th, said by the double 11 electricity supplier before and after the impact of the focus of promotional activities, this week will show rapid growth in the volume of courier business. It is expected that the double 11 period (November 11th to 16) of the industry to deal with the mail, express business volume will be more than 760 million, the peak will appear in the 11, 12, 13 days, the highest daily processing capacity may exceed 140 million.

said the State Post Bureau, the business volume in a short period of time the rapid growth of high impact, large Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta and Fujian, Shandong express export volume, "double 11" pre express Lanshou pressure.

"double 11" this war has not yet started firing, the smoke filled the courier.

: 1 unannounced visits to "simple, rough sorting discharge

time: November 3rd Venue: Dawn Road and road intersection suoling Hardware Electrical City

unloading express fast method: base into a high wall piled up

November 3rd 7 in the morning at the age of 08, in front of the express delivery parcels in front of the building between the families of the two piles with a mound like.


reporter quietly walked past, saw a staff member sitting in the courier heap bow buckle phone, from time to time to throw a courier from the car, like in the no direction to launch weapons".

7:30, another staff arrived, two people began to greet the unloading". Compared to the "discharge" means a few months ago, not only not improved, but more become aggravated. I saw the original in the freight car "buckle" mobile phone man in the car to express the base into a wall, to express sorting two arms and a person, like "rake" like to express up about one meter high wall falls to the ground. At the moment, people express parcel express sorting and integration.

this is not to give up. "