Suning transformation three years, into a suit electricity supplier dilemma

Suning transformation has become the past two years chairman Su ningyun Zhang Jindong the most concern. In the world of traditional retail industry are not successful transformation of sample for reference, Suning in 2013 to clear the Internet as the main retail, online and offline mode and open platform for the two wings of the Internet map. Zhang Jindong also bursts of relentless, "Suning transition is not successful, I will not retire".

but from Suning earnings we seem to be able to come to the conclusion that Suning transition is not smooth. 2012 Su Ningjing profit fell 44.37% in 2013 net profit fell by 86.32%. In 2014, Suning once the limit price. In July 30th this year, Suning announced 2014 semi annual results showed that in the first half of 2014, Suning total revenue of $51 billion 160 million in the same period last year, $55 billion 530 million, down 7.87%. Suning transformation does not seem too wonderful.

in February 10th this year, Suning will be deployed in spring, Su ningyun chairman Zhang Jindong reflection, "this year, we can no longer head decisions, sensation and promotion effect of eyes just staring at the moment." The top is reflection, but in August 5th, Suning has officially opened a hundred days campaign promotion plan in time from the beginning of August until the "double eleven", covering 818, Mid Autumn Festival, national day and a series of festivals. Industry insiders, Suning will set off a large-scale price war".

ugly data and repeatedly big action let us have regrets, Suning’s transformation is too ambitious, Suning has stalled.

frequent expansion has significant weakness

2012 Zhang Jindong once said, "from now on domestic sales, after Jingdong, but the scale we disdain, he set to’s index is" 300 billion ten year "," online reconstruction of a suning". However, this figure is the electricity supplier circle joke Zhang Jindong beat his head".

September 2012, Suning spent $66 million acquisition of the largest maternal and child electricity supplier website red child. At the beginning of 2013, Suning Appliance announced the name Su Ningyun. The beginning of 2013, the news come in a throng Suning bank, won the bid for the insurance sales agent license and fund payment license. October 2013, Suning invested $250 million acquisition of PPTV’s total stake of 44%, becoming the largest shareholder of PPTV. January 2014, Suning to spend millions of dollars to acquire full network. January 2014 Suning on-line financial products Zero treasure, get mobile communications resale business license. After several acquisitions and cross-border, Suning territory expansion to mother and child, video, buy, Internet banking and other fields, in addition to Suning also involved in real estate business, shopping plaza, can be described as ambitious.

in addition to cross-border new field, the beginning of December 2013, Su ningyun traditional stores frequently turned to O2O Internet.