The electricity supplier price war on the first day no data flow blowout or deposit tricky

Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) "6· 18" Jingdong mall anniversary promotion about yesterday staged a major electricity supplier issued a "victory after the promotion". Unlike in previous years, the day did not suddenly appear flow blowout scene.

yesterday orders increased by

yesterday afternoon at five or six, the major commercial enterprises began to release 6· 18 day victories.

promotion war protagonist Jingdong said, as of 6 o’clock last night, the number of valid order Jingdong ten years anniversary month Lao special 18 hours has been refreshed June 17th all day long record of nearly 2 million single.

In addition

, executive vice president of also micro Bo said, as of 5 pm total orders grew 350% last year.

in accordance with the data released by Jingdong, its mobile phone category in the performance of the entire category of the most eye-catching, June 18th sales of 10 thousand units per hour, is expected to exceed day sales of over $200 million. Tmall data also show that 10 minutes after the promotion of the special price of 7300 yuan SHARP’s 60 inch color TV sets sold 200 units.

electricity supplier turnover increased by

yesterday, NetEase’s benefits network released third party parity data. Statistics show that as of 18 PM, Jingdong, Suning, fast and easy, Amazon, Dangdang and other war electricity supplier flow changes (relative to the afternoon of 17 PM traffic changes) were respectively, 36%, 49%, 61%, 12%, 20%, and so on, at the end of 3. These data are relatively flat, did not occur in previous years similar blowout phenomenon. Compared with the June 18, 2012 mall traffic rose 17 days compared to the same day, Jingdong, Suning flow rate has reached more than 114%, respectively, 175%.


industry has a point of view that the surge in orders but behind the existence of smooth flow "Maoni", questioned the actual data of the electricity supplier.

this year, the price war is not focused on a point in time, but stretched to the whole of June. Into the major business promotion in June, and in 17, 18, 19, the formation of a small climax." Benefits network product director Wang Yan said.

Amoy network: the price war is still a "diving"

, a scouring network report revealed a variety of "June the electricity supplier fake promotion".

in accordance with a scouring network monitoring, Jingdong price after the first category is mainly concentrated in the brand watches, brand bags and automotive supplies and other high profit category. Amazon focuses on automotive supplies, Kitchenware and 3C digital appliances. is focused on large appliances, shoes and other articles.

Jingdong, Suning and other electricity providers have denied false price".

but yesterday, a netizen released QQ chat screenshots show, an electricity supplier’s "parity problems" businesses within the QQ group inside. "Today is the problem, my heart"