Look at the way of the real name system of network commodity from stop the shop to beautify the good

(2011/2/23) today reported seeing a "shop to beautify the sales of goods or merchandise information must be halted:" true, the Ministry of commerce 21 on the "third party e-commerce trading platform service specification (Draft)" the introduction of opinions, which stipulates that "the producers should shop" products made public license, other information. Online shopping is the real name system.

to beautify the industry to understand the friends of this industry should be aware of, generally do this month has more than 3000 of revenue, but also do very well, it depends on the rich, huh, huh, huh. If you really want to stop, dead or some small businesses, large businesses should make shop beautification commodity standardization, small businesses exit only envy, it does not. At present, many shops do not have a professional art talent, are relying on the shop to beautify the service business, which is likely to cause the next few years, the rise in demand for online shop art talent.

think of here, I not think in Taobao’s creative industry, online shopping, etc. for bargainers have fantastic idea of panic buying, these are also in the scope of stop? The third party e-commerce trading platform service specification issued from the Ministry of Commerce "(Draft)", should be considered the only concrete will beautify the sale of goods on the shop outside of substandard goods specification, we can make nothing of it. It can be said that China’s e-commerce environment and the entire Internet environment is becoming more and more standardized, all businesses need to have this understanding, as early as possible to avoid unforeseen problems.

the past two years, e-commerce highlights a lot of problems, but also exposed the group purchase last year in the regulation of the Internet is still very weak, thankfully, authorities still slowly began to wake up, is a step by step to provide an orderly e-commerce environment for everyone. But the real name system of goods and goods of the real name system easier said than done, but also with the online real name system, the implementation process of what happens, we do not know, it can be said that this is a huge project. Beautify the sale of goods for the real name system, just the whole project started, there will be a lot of work to do behind.

the first step has not gone out, it can be imagined, China’s online real name system of goods road is still very long, less than two or three years, more than five years, let us wait quietly,

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