The business school information Cube let you read electricity market

"now there are many businesses every day will see two login information cube, but a lot of customer feedback is the basic information cube everyday, but do not see why sometimes fall, sometimes rise; or, know the reason but do not know what can use for their own business." Business intelligence cloud cube responsible person said, see the ultimate goal of the market is: according to the actual situation of the industry, to determine whether selling things is the needs of the market.

is going through the case to see how powerful the market by means of information cube analysis function now, starting from the industry, the angle of the market, according to the analysis of the property industry hot commodities, to choose suitable styles and to promote their needs, and how to operate in the promotion process. (did not open the proposal to open one, and now is the promotion period, very cheap.


first, the industry’s market trend

basically any industry and sub categories has its market share. The first step is to determine their own analysis of the industry in which the sub categories in the market accounting for how much, what are the hot selling brand. From the point of view, if the sub categories belong to a niche market, or are engaged in brand market share is not high, so that you now choose to have a problem, is not the change policy.



two, commodity sales analysis

is still that sentence, the electricity supplier to sell things, not only their own preferences, must go through a strict selection, unless you are a veteran. For the choice of hot selling products is still the case.

from these industry segments category selling words, you can clearly grasp the sub categories, consumer preferences, these data can help businesses better select more market potential for promotion. There is no market demand for products, you do not have to use the money hit.


three, competitor analysis

competitors, we must go to see their hot selling products, details page, the main map, pricing strategy and shelf time, etc.:


then according to intelligence, highlight their own characteristics, in the details of the advantages of learning opponents.

four, blasting keyword analysis

on the analysis of the competition of business data at the same time, also need to carefully observe the Taobao keyword competitive products and the explosion search ranking and train show word ranking, mining long tail keywords from it, so whether it is the title or train to create baby delivery according to.


small sellers also need to learn: how to use market data mining potential products, and then