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for the electricity supplier, help traditional enterprises is in the background of the generation of operating large domestic electricity supplier "burning" self built logistics warehousing base and improve the supply chain, the new way to make maximum use of existing facilities, and become a means of profit. (TechWeb with


in, the Jingdong store by open platform to increase at the same time, large business background operation and logistics capability is to start a generation of operation business. The reporter learned yesterday, shop No. 1 and more than and 50 have the traditional retail enterprises signed online escrow agreement. To the end of the year, the number of enterprises is expected to Pobai escrow. In the industry view, attempts to large electric generation operations, ease the pressure of pre burn.

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business operation

it is reported that the number 1 shop butler service content includes marketing, warehousing, logistics, customer service, etc.. According to the shop 1, director of supply chain planning Wang Jiahao introduced, businesses do not need to set themselves up as a huge operation team, just signed Shop No. 1 butler service, and according to their own situation, choose the corresponding service module, can carry out online business. At the same time, in other business platform for the business operators, can also become the object of the 1 shop steward service.

, according to Chairman Yu Gang, No. 1 stores, inventory management, product management, order tracking and distribution capabilities, store 1, can support the number 1 shop to do the business of the third party. Currently, the number 1 store has been working with the fifty or sixty traditional enterprises, the end of this year is expected to increase the number of cooperative businesses to hundreds.

in fact, the operator is not mysterious. Under normal circumstances, the generation of operating companies and traditional enterprises to sign a contract, which provides a commission forward, the two sides will also commission and risk. Engaged in the operation of online hosting business operators, many of them have to operate on behalf of Taobao sellers experience. Its services include shop decoration, photography, store operations, data analysis, complaints handling, etc.. A large number of sellers based on Taobao, the shop steward service rapidly, so many generations of business services enterprises to find a new purse.

dispel traditional business concerns

generation of business development, can not be separated from the market demand. Facing the tide of development of electronic commerce, Internet, electricity providers do many traditional retail business on the agenda. However, for traditional retail, the electricity supplier is not just a new retail channels. It needs a unique marketing, warehousing and distribution, etc.. Invest a lot of money after the microscopic improvement in some large, traditional enterprises such as 361, Metro chose for the operating companies, water and electricity provider business. For traditional businesses, this is a relatively safe, relatively small investment to try new business.

in fact, many retail enterprises have net desire, but business is difficult to let many enterprises slowed down. China Association statistics show that in the first half of this year, only 7 out of the top 100 chain shop. Acting company