Several points should be paid attention to in automobile enterprise website


car is a high-end consumer goods, automotive industry oriented consumer groups mainly by private employers, managers and senior white-collar occupation etc, this part of the crowd, so most of the "Internet" automotive industry enterprise website construction is more necessary. For the construction of the enterprise website of the automobile industry, the automobile display is very important, it is the interaction platform between the enterprise and the customer, and it is also the important promotion channel of the enterprise. In the auto show column planning, not limited to the introduction of all kinds of enterprises follow the prescribed order, focus on its advantages for the promotion of enterprise’s products are often more effect. For the new car line, but not sticking to formalities through the production of the special exhibition, a channel, fast and efficient to be released, this way is beneficial to the evaluation of web advertising network of automobile enterprises put in effect.

users pay attention to the overall sense of the details and the grasp of the user’s sense of this psychological reflected in the design style of the automotive website, you can play a very good promotion effect. Design style should be consistent with the enterprise VI specification, while the web page design should highlight the application of car elements, so that the web to speak, show the charm of the car. The website design should take the enterprise culture and brand promotion as one of the clues throughout the macro planning, let visitors have a unified visual experience, and realize the enterprise culture is profound, and the "ubiquitous" brand impression. Application of automotive Web site should be at the "ink", the core technology is used to show the various products of automobile enterprises, especially the panoramic technology, allows users to see a car thoroughly on the site, enhance the user experience effect.

The appropriate application of

Flash technology is particularly necessary for the automotive website, the car can be dynamic to open up to the site. Car companies generally have a TV advertisement, the use of video technology to the car moved to television advertising websites screamingscreenings, can increase the user’s interest, improve the appreciation of the website. Hebei automobile network (