New sales continue to emerge who will protect consumer safety

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under the new normal, new business and traditional business integration of online and offline competing means of payment retrofit. Consumers have been more convenient to consume, but also faced with commodity information asymmetry, after sales responsibility is uncertain, not enough security to pay a lot of trouble. New sales channels and sales continue to emerge, how to make online consumption more secure, so that the interests of consumers more secure?

online shopping, cottage Li Gui frequency appeared

– business booming, the traditional means of supervision can’t meet the need of new consumption patterns. The system must be reformed from the aspects of system and supervision mode.

not long ago, Wang Pei bought a coat on Taobao, the price is 518 yuan. Later, she re search in Taobao, found the same piece of clothing, the price ranging from 400 yuan to 1200 yuan. The same coat, in the mall to sell more than 2000 yuan. Wang Pei contacted Taobao seller, the other side insisted that it is genuine, and that can go to the mall.

Wang Pei to the New World Shopping Center in Beijing found that Taobao Amoy clothes and shopping malls in the clothes, in the appearance can not see the difference, but the lining is completely different. Back home, Wang Pei online and seller theory. The seller claims: the sale of coat is indeed the original production, is designed for online marketing, because the price is cheap, really lining and shopping malls are different, but the work is exactly the same, assured Wang Pei.

in the face of the seller’s "rhetoric", Wang Pei is very confused: "I buy clothes is not fake?"

latest statistics show that the first three quarters of 2014, China’s online retail transactions amounted to 1 trillion and 800 billion yuan, an increase of 49.9%, the size of the shop more than 8000. At the same time, some of the poor quality of electricity supplier products, fakes flooding, sales fraud, rights and other issues are difficult to highlight the high rate of online shopping complaints, electricity supplier development suffered growing pains".

last year, with the United States, Jingdong, Alibaba has been listed, the electricity supplier market has been placed under the microscope. Has plagued the major electricity supplier platform fake issues, the most important factor affecting consumer confidence.

According to Alibaba

released data, the first three quarters of 2014, Ali dealing with infringement of 6 million links, with law enforcement departments for infringement of more than 1000 cases, arrested more than and 400 suspects, involving 600 million yuan.

compared with the supervision and inspection of the product line, the electricity supplier product supervision is facing a dilemma". Under the supervision and inspection of the line in the market or the company’s finished product warehouse to be sold in a random sample of the product, the online need to become a mysterious buyer or to the seller’s warehouse sampling, law enforcement costs high. Coupled with the relevant information provided by the electronic business platform and the identity of the product itself is not accurate, often can not find a manufacturer.

Renmin University of China professor Liu Junhai said, subject to the characteristics and regulation of electricity providers >