Analysis of the five elements of B2C network marketing

The value and efficiency of

network marketing emerged in the traditional enterprise is different from the The masses are sharp-eyed., the traditional marketing mode is also more and more enterprises and try to accept. Whether you in the network marketing lotus just buds, or is about to begin, can not ignore the following five key points: price difference, brand creativity and customer training.

price is reflected in the label of the product is not their own, it is market-oriented, the development of the price, determines the integration of enterprises and the market. But the price is a regulator of marketing, the form of price war has become increasingly diversified, at the end of the year, "special offer" yiyuanqipai "and" flash sale "," VIP member price "," super group purchase price "and so on, we must be aware of their products for the purpose of each price. May, at some point, we clearly know that the price is not to sell money or even lose money, but we have to sell hard, or the market will eliminate you.

distinctive, not referring to alternative, more of a marketing positioning. Now the most popular online clothing sales, if we go to sell clothing, then why do you let customers only buy your products. Your product is high quality and inexpensive? Or petty faction? Or unique style shop? And first-class sales and customer service experience? I don’t think we can all do the best, but at least to do a little, it may become the differences between you and others.

brand for each enterprise is the most difficult to do, when there is no Internet, the brand is the need for a long time to accumulate, then the word of mouth to promote the brand. The Internet gives the company a new brand marketing inspiration, Google, Vancl are almost instantly rise of the top brands. We do network, is the first to dig a pit, if not at the beginning of the foot buried soil, in the following how hard, and no one to see. So do the network brand to fill the pit. I think the final success of Vancl is not how attractive it is in the end, but the Internet to buy Shirts, the first thought is Vancl brand. Do the details, as long as the brand, the market will not disappear.

creativity is the fundamental survival of enterprises, the network economy, this concept will be particularly prominent. The biggest advantage lies in the traditional network timeliness, network marketing, you will find that your side rivals are changing every hour and moment, when we were a month ago for Valentine’s Day activities carefully prepared, opponents of the promotional posters and Valentine’s Day special for the products already on the line; in October, we only watched the opponent "October bride" sales activities like a raging fire scene. In an hour, an hour can change a world, and every minute is the best thing we can do.

now more and more enterprises, began to pay attention to CRM (Customer Relationship Management), the concept of customer relationship is not the era of archives. Effective customer relationship management, can play the role of market supervision, product adjustment, word of mouth marketing, the main sales. The market is not determined by the enterprise