Handle beauty group glutinous rice nets half of the total loss of 500 million burn as slot machine

news October 31st, handle network planning IPO news will undoubtedly make into layoffs troubled group purchase industry brings a stimulant, but, like going to bleed listed "Groupon, the loss of surprise. Reported a second quarter net loss of 172 million people, the first quarter is a net loss of 219 million yuan, down nearly 400 million during the first half of the net.

renren.com’s sticky web is the second quarter of this year net loss of $4 million 500 thousand, equivalent to 30 million, half down may reach 60 million, even in the industry has always been "stingy" famous beauty group monthly loss million, three group purchase website together have more than 500 million loss in the first half. The other group purchase websites such as Wo Wo Group, full network is difficult to get rid of the burn cycle, so that the industry dubbed as the tiger machine burn group purchase industry.

talked about the group purchase industry loss situation, handle network of Tencent technology investor Zhu Xiaohu said, group purchase site originator of the Groupon is also in this situation, all look forward to the next one or two years, group purchase industry will profit.

pull the United States and the United States glutinous rice net loss of 500 million

a total of six months

although the head of China’s first IPO application submitted hat handle network is rushed to the capital market, however, lashou burn rate also criticized. Handle network in the second quarter of this year, a single quarter loss of $172 million, close to the quarterly revenue of 5 times. Throughout the first half of 2011, net loss of handle net is as high as 391 million yuan.

analysts Lu Zhenwang lamented that lashou.com burn distressed people, said handle is equivalent to a daily burn 2 million 460 thousand cash, earn 287 thousand cash (not to spend a fraction of the net every day), burn 2 million 173 thousand cash, if hundred dollar bills, a total of 21 thousand and 730, about 32 kg. If the money really handle network will burn, burn the flame of the foot is 3 meters tall, smoke a few hundred meters, if let the children continued to burn for 3 seconds to play, light a $100 bill rate, money can handle burning day and night, has been burning for a year.

, in fact, is not a case of hand burn. A few months ago is still Wo Wo Group high-profile poaching counterparts, now continue to burst layoffs. Wo Wo Group put up to 35 five line city site downsizing, will complete team relegation to ordinary team, layoffs of 500 people. Another company Groupon also exposed the first half of the year because of advertising investment of billions of dollars, not to the new investment leads to massive layoffs.

contrast, rice network, has been the sound operation of the United States in the group purchase website name. However, the results show that the second quarter of this year, a loss of about $30 million glutinous rice, six months down no less than 50 million. Even with the famous "stingy", rarely advertise each waning million beauty group. Everyone’s COO Liu Jian has said that the domestic group purchase site a month to burn $about 10000000 compared to net burn rice example meet the eye everywhere, not much.

one or two years in the industry or usher in earnings inflection point

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