The electronic commerce knockout quietly launched the major site of the open price war

express news started a new season this summer, electricity supplier price war is hot, I bought a net two anniversary GF discount coupons, and promised to single orders over 180 minus 30 yuan, over 360 minus 60; where the crazy shopping festival launched a variety of goods the lowest 9 yuan; red child goods 3.6 fold le Amoy also borrow three panic buying; the audience full of 300 years anniversary launched by 100 large promotional efforts…… The price war and the fire burning, electricity providers have hit super low siege customers, and a business is quietly knockout.

announced in August Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center "(on 2011) Chinese e-commerce market data monitoring report" shows, this year 1-6 month e-commerce financing for more than 2 billion dollars, once again set a record over the same period. Let the large-scale capital investment in electricity providers increasingly emboldened to continue the battle.

"price war itself is a kind of survival of the fittest market behavior, but businesses everywhere can change the situation of uneven in quality." Chen Hu, vice president of music Amoy network pointed out that the strength of the electricity supplier, the low price does not affect its long-term development.

it is understood that many new B2C enterprises in the market, they often take "penetration" strategy, namely, in order to attract consumers, products listed in the initial price, wait for the product market penetration and opened the market, and then raise prices.

online shopping crowd is undoubtedly the rapid expansion of the use of B2C price war in the process of the most obvious dividend winner, this protracted war for consumers is a good news. But behind the price war must have strong capital support, the so-called high walls, wide grain, it is particularly important in this war, who is the accumulation of capital, who may have the last laugh." Famous IT commentator Constantine told reporters.