Countdown three days a more rational double eleven

annual electricity supplier carnival, there are three days. From 2009, the concept of double eleven, up to now, the double eleven has been five years old. Five year old double of the eleven, the mind is sound, less Carnival passion, more than a celebration of reason. Three days later, this year’s double eleven, may be the most rational ever double the eleven.


Why does

say the five year old double, is a more rational double of the eleven, there are several reasons for the following: eleven.

double eleven more rational reason

electricity supplier from the use of brute force to use strategy. Double eleven is due to the electricity supplier, so the electricity supplier for the promotion of double has been spared no effort to promote the eleven. Over the past few years, different business platform for the promotion of dual eleven means nothing more than advertising, brand building, traffic and so on, the competition is very fierce. But this year’s double eleven before, the most interesting news is: the Alibaba registered "double 11" trademark, which is regarded as business strategy and yinzhao. We do not judge whether this is a vicious competition, but the strategy or plot, only in the rational time to succeed. If the electricity supplier in the past eleven pairs of promotion, relying on brute force, then this year’s electricity supplier is using more and more strategies.

from peibenzhuanyaohe to return standard platform. Over the past few years, during the double eleven, the electricity supplier platform will often come up with a huge amount of money to subsidize the participation of business, logistics or consumers, in order to make the platform to enhance brand value, but also hit two or three current electricity supplier means. For example, a large number of goods limited in ten half price or free logistics etc.. The cost of the electronic business platform, has certain financial pressure, including in the last year, Tmall’s annual profit weakened, and even questioned the shareholders of Tmall. This year’s double eleven, almost no huge subsidies, electricity providers began to pass big data for the merchant drainage, merchant services more dedicated. On the other hand, consumer buying, logistics and other services, but also under the supervision of the electronic business platform, consumer experience continues to improve.

mainly from the business to consumer experience. A platform for businesses to create a direct profit for the business platform, so business platform for businesses is also responsive, including some of the marketing behavior of the merchants of connivance, such as brush drill, modify data, fake electricity supplier internal corruption and so on, it also makes double eleven become consumer interest in online shopping invasion in the outbreak period. But this year’s double eleven, the consumer experience is gaining business platform improvements, such as double eleven before the Alibaba to modify the data of the conduct of the internal punishment, the blow to brush drill behavior, let the consumer online shopping more protection.

from the lack of supervision to the regulation of homing. Eleven before the administration of industry and commerce business network transmission called blackout discount, finally proved to be It is sheer fiction. But there are two points can be sure, first, a lot of goods deliberately raise the original price, and then reduce the price to attract consumers, SAIC and electronic business platform for this line