The analysis of Metersbonwe and Semir clothing enterprise network marketing comparison

with more and more brand clothing enterprises involved in network marketing, is bound to the traditional network marketing caused no small impact. The enterprise only refer to Semir and Metersbonwe’s approach, change the marketing network marketing method, to snatch the heights, not only in the future market competition in a passive position.

15-30 year old youth stage, as the young service consumer groups, triggered a large number of business advertising war, war, war slobber store, now the war has been extended to the network, the physical consumption becomes a virtual consumption, including Metersbonwe and Semir are the most prominent.

, Metersbonwe and Semir are based on what users to occupy


in the past two years of rapid development of the Internet, in B2B, B2C, C2C and other e-commerce boost, there are many traditional companies to carry out a great breakthrough in the success of network marketing case. However, although these transactions are carried out through the network, the object can also be limited to the implementation of the transaction clothing, clothing companies rarely think of selling virtual clothing online still have great prospects for development. But Metersbonwe and Semir took to the Internet to sell virtual clothing.

comparison of the two practices, found that specific practices which have different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful.

become the beneficiaries of network marketing, for Semir to speak, it is only two years. Which should be attributed to Semir’s deep understanding of the habits of young users, select the young fashion crowd as the main body of the more than 100 million QQ users for the target. The author as a member of the QQ, but also often change clothes, for their own QQ show also know as young QQ users, not only love beautiful QQ image, also has the brand awareness. While Semir is caught QQ users’ psychology and launched the Semir clothing show, let users choose to experience Semir’s "beauty, fashion and beautiful feeling, and one big success.

do the same for leisure brand Metersbonwe, targeting another 100% young fashion group? D? D "dance" game player. "Dance" and the network game online at the same time, the number of up to hundreds of thousands of people, is not inferior to the QQ show platform, to enhance the brand for Metersbonwe, expand the image, promote sales have more operational space. Because the "dance" Dance Girl Dress compared QQ show more real, shown in the game is stereo clothing, consumers can imagine myself in what would be the effect of good. In the actual operation of the market, the Metersbonwe marketing to the online consumer, as long as the purchase of Metersbonwe clothes, you can get free dance clothing. Then Metersbonwe to dance the game company rebate. This is a win-win cooperation, which is of great benefit to both sides. Add a Metersbonwe area in the dance mall can make playing the dance game player knows this activity.

In addition, Metersbonwe

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