Homogenization trend of heavy assets of fresh electricity supplier can go far

first financial Wang Hai

June, Shanghai, rainy. Gaobibu looks a little sad, as three Dahan Holding Group Co., Ltd., Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Kellogg family treasure treasure) founder, over the past 2 months has been busy buying the first East big fresh delicious 77, but ended in vain.

head aura first Amazon fresh investment in China, the delicious 77 B round of financing of $20 million, then start the operation mode of heavy assets built cold chain logistics, processing center, but not in the build profit model, the lack of capital in the case of blood transfusion, delicious 77 eventually escape the fate.

at the beginning of April, 77 delicious announced that due to funding strand breaks and close to suspend business website; at the end of the month, Kellogg treasure and delicious 77 reach a written purchase intent; June, plus Le Bao announced to stop the acquisition.

between the acquisition of equity and brand equity acquisition of both, Kellogg treasure prefer the former, but find the contact both not feasible. Gaubib told the first financial reporter interview revealed, delicious 77 to provide financial data, documents, records and other important data reconciliation and archives, the debt relations are complex and not clear, even said that all computer, server, file was lost due to supplier looting, makes lawyers to investigate the obstacles, equity acquisition forced termination.

Gaobibu continued: "conflicts and contradictions and delicious 77 suppliers continue to upgrade, some suppliers have begun to enter the judicial process."

delicious 77 is the shareholding structure of the four tier, while involving foreign equity and investment, the acquisition of delicious need to get the upper hand of the shareholders of the top 77. But after several communications, firms have also failed to achieve effective authorization." Responsible for the acquisition of Beijing Tongda (Shanghai) law firm senior partner Li Hong told the first financial reporter said that in the acquisition negotiations, Amazon said.

as of press time, the first financial reporter failed to dial 77 telephone chief executive officer delicious delicious 77 MI, vice president Zheng Luojie, two people, two people to send text messages do not reply.

China fresh electricity supplier market prospects. China Electronic Commerce Research Center statistics show that in 2014 the scale of China’s e-commerce market is about 22 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 96%. According to Nelson’s forecast, China’s fresh e-commerce market will show explosive growth in the next three years. 2018 is expected to more than 150 billion yuan, an average annual compound growth rate of up to 50%.

is to see the prospect of rapid development, Gaobibu early last year in Shanghai free trade zone set up Kellogg Jing Bao, Pudong District, hoping to get a slice of fresh electricity supplier in the field.

in promoting policy, Tmall, Jingdong, SF preferred, one stores the influx of fresh electricity providers to seize the market, but in the third party cold chain logistics strength is weak, the self built logistics system cost Chongzi >