Taobao maternal exposure to the mother of the three directions to promote globalization

July 15th news, Taobao head of the mother and child industry recently introduced three directions in the maternal and child industry in the year of 2014: personalized, reliable and global.

it is reported that Taobao has also recently analyzed the needs of consumers. Buyers in the market Taobao mother shopping needs can be divided into 4 types: the first is the sea Amoy, because consumers trust for foreign goods, more and more mothers love the sea Amoy second; is the high cost of goods, consumers have a clear interest love goods, will select the Juhuasuan platform; the third is because there is a guarantee of the quality of the brand, brand merchandise, and online price advantage; the fourth is "shopping" consumer demand.

globalization is aimed at more and more mothers like the sea Amoy this situation. Taobao said that the sea Amoy source is the biggest advantage of Taobao mother and child. So 2014 will be through a variety of marketing activities, independent channel exposure related products and information. And because the milk in smuggled goods now sea Amoy business accounted for a certain proportion, the spot has been risky, this year will focus on helping sellers get through direct mail line, the seller will supply chain legalization, strengthen the controllability of supply.

about the personalized, Taobao said the second, because with millions magnitude sellers and goods, but the display position is limited, so the choice of the high cost of buyers. 2014, Taobao maternal and child to different goods and sellers to different age end and needs of users to match, thousands of people face to face the concept.

In addition, in order to enhance the credibility of

, Taobao will be based on business qualifications, the use of algorithms to emerge a good commodity. Taobao will ask questions, experience and other ways to provide information to the user list.