How to open the shop, open shop how to find sources of Taobao

lead: open method to find sources of Taobao in the Internet there are many, as long as we first determine what is the purpose of open shop, others do not

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Taobao shop how to find sources

In the Taobao

online shop there are many kinds of methods to find sources, as long as we first determine what is the purpose of open shop, others do not, or is the best online open did not sell products, so our profit will be higher. Our goal is to make money, of course, we can not blindly look for, for example, you can find some new products, first understand his situation. Feel profitable, it is worth a try. For example, the new out of the Niuansi wanted to be good, if you have time, you can go to understand. Or in the first C2C platform to look, can find something else to put their own shop shelves such as some people ask, I go to get the goods, no one asked, can also add a lot of popularity.

1. Try to go out, go shopping and market

we know a lot of the net friend are called "Indoorsman Indoorswoman", is actually a nest at home that, usually in addition to the post office and the bank, very little real contact with society, many girls may be a little better, a little money, will go to the large business field around, but these are not enough


to more markets, especially the city’s largest shopping mall and the city’s largest bazaars, shops, is now a mainstream product type and price, as well as people’s preferences, then according to the understanding of the situation, to the wholesale market to see the goods, first to fight not to rush delivery, but asked to see more, at least ask more than 5 same types of shops, multi contrast.

generally, the wholesale market price, if there is a personal charm (actually can bargain) at least 40% can be cut down, if the wholesale and get big, may discount more.

ask more questions, more verification, the source is guaranteed.

two. Be sensitive to popular

to give a lot of friends always said: "open shop how to find sources? How every time I managed to do a hot type, just do it, the wind turned


there are many online businesses, others sell bags he also sold handbags, others sell cosmetics, he also sold cosmetics, what are the results behind, the result is not how to make money.

must be sensitive to market nerves, to grasp the benchmark, then please contact sources, that encounter fresh supply, can find a relatively large in Taobao (do not look for the best), to do his two generation, you may for vendors is the three or four generation, but as long as there is there is no problem to make a profit, experience, understanding about the industry, and then contact them again.

new products listed in general, manufacturers do not