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vertical electricity supplier

reporter Liu Hongxia reports

as the weather turns cool, vertical electricity providers seem to have entered the winter".

recently, where customers caught in arrears ", as the largest apparel vertical, VANCL has been blasting the default supplier accounts, some brands of up to tens of millions. According to where the president old responded that the problem of arrears by the interior modulation caused by, also announced that all passengers return to the line of the brand. We think one after another strategic swing, overstock and massive layoffs, many business experts pointed out that "where a dilemma" is not accidental, nor isolated cases. In fact, "too bad" vertical list is very long, PPG, Amoy net, red child, masamaso, cotton, poly mesh products…… Since 2012, China entered the winter survival of vertical electricity supplier.

consultant senior researcher Xue Shengwen when accepts "the Sankei news" interview with reporters, the domestic vertical electricity supplier reason present difficulties, the main reason is: first, the high cost of vertical scale electricity providers to achieve regional sales in the country built warehouse is difficult, it is difficult to reduce distribution costs, improve the speed of delivery; second, competition a comprehensive business platform has intensified, customers, turn rate advantage, vertical electricity supplier is difficult to match; third, vertical electric based on where the customer as the representative of the target customers, positioning is not clear, wavering, lead to the loss of customers, can not effectively meet the needs of customers.

after 5 years, the vertical electricity supplier entrepreneurial team and investors are extremely manic, burn too much, too fast, expenses and profit income does not match, the scale reached the peak when the course is from the recent death of time." Chen Hu, a well-known electricity supplier analysis, it now appears that those who go down or lead a bad vertical electricity supplier is going too fast.

at the beginning of this year, according to the Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center (100EC.CN) released the "2012 annual China online retail market data monitoring report" shows that in 2012 the B2C online retail market share of VANCL also accounted for 2.7%, ranked fifth.

according to the beginning of August this year, China Electronic Commerce Research Center (100EC.CN) released the "2013 (on) Chinese online retail market data monitoring report" shows that as of the first half of 2013, the retail market China B2C network (including open platform and proprietary sales type), where the market share of only 0.8%, only tenth, far behind Tmall, Jingdong,, Tencent,, Amazon, China providers, Gome, one shop, drop speed can be described as soon.

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