Six major causes of Ali’s mother very tragic end

September 2008, Ma was forced to abandon the Ali Mama, the Ali Mama limbo in Taobao Anyang later, come to the end of today, a lot of overall reason ah. However, now see the Alimama public opinion also a flatter say this, always feel uncomfortable, Ma how do not know if this is a shameful thing ah, oh, then let me this outsider (not an outsider, I did Alimama customers, users, partners, ha ha, Sanpei ah) reflection, with share my views!!!

1, Alimama is not ready to sacrifice a lot of Taobao sellers’ first experience.

Ma Yun started the abacus is this number of yourself: a self circulation (Work in ALI), there are people doing business in their own platform (Taobao, B2B, Alibaba) someone on their platform to pay to buy things (Alipay Alipay), people who sell things to earn money to your site to advertise (ALI), even one day, all these people are ultimately rely on tools to eat (ALI Ali software).

why Alimama mode impassability, first of all, from the Taobao seller experience. Many Taobao shopkeeper dedicated "in Alimama for the first time after posting basically expressed disappointment, but on the Alimama advertising platform’s attitude is changing, from the beginning of the excitement, after the change for the first time advertising disappointed. People who do not believe can go to see the official forum Alimama.

2, Alimama uncertain to the head of the uncertainty is too strong.

sometimes do not know what is the reason, just joined the time is good, suddenly from the start of the day, the sudden decline in income from Ali’s mother, and even fell 7 into 8 into. Income is very unstable. Moreover, his mother went to Ali to take advertising and Ali mother talked with partners to talk about the ad, the price difference is very large, Ali really bully people, do we send their own home owners bully?

feel Ali mother really "double dealing" exploitation of owners, the monthly income of 15%, and the technical service fee is quite high, and the remaining 85% parts of more than 800 yuan minus the personal income tax, personal income tax is the lowest threshold of 20%, more than 4000 yuan to increase the proportion of (I figured, the last remaining probably around 2/3, feeling to you anyway than tax lottery in proportion to a large. Many webmaster) were forced to engage in, had to apply to several separate accounts, to put Ali mother code, as is the number of accounts with money, can escape the "tax"..

3, Alimama service is a big problem. Attitude is very professional, the effect is very bad.

Ali who may have been domesticated, there is no brain smile, never solve any practical problems, but with the same as foreign companies nice>