Alibaba to change China’s economy 9 amazing facts

speed transit network Chinese Harvard University business experts Ke Weilin said the Alibaba is a transformative company, because it is "a China on economic contribution than most state-owned enterprises more private enterprises." There is no doubt that this statement is true, but too general. When you look at the Alibaba listed in this article’s contribution to China’s economy, will be clear.

first, in 2012, Taobao and Tmall achieved a turnover of 11000 yuan, higher than the total amount of Amazon and eBay transactions.

two, Alibaba directly to provide jobs for 24000 people.

three, 2012, China’s e-commerce indirectly create more than 12 million jobs. Due to 90% of C2C electronic shops provided by Taobao, 50%B2C shops from Tmall mall, the increase in the majority of these jobs due to Alibaba group.

four, as early as 2011 Alibaba China station number has exceeded 50 million. It allows everyone to shop".

five, in 2012 the cumulative total of Alibaba loans to the big banks do not consider the $600 million, by the end of 2013, the cumulative loan amount will reach $2 billion.

six, 2012, Taobao Tmall double the same day, Alibaba with a contribution of 13 hours and 10 billion minutes GDP 38, significantly exceeding the highest record of the United States in the past 11 years, the e-commerce industry in.

seven, Taobao, Tmall, double a single day to generate parcels of 72 million single, pulling the courier industry in.

eight, Alipay will provide the credit mechanism, China online shopping mode from cash on delivery of the "original" liberation.

nine, Alibaba released 3, 4 line cities and the following areas of consumption potential. Trillion sales, sales growth of 3, 4 lines up to more than 60%, higher than the 1, 2 line city of 40%.