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according to the Xinhua news agency has a number of professional market be in full swing, now facing businesses surrender, flow reduction difficulties, the impact of the electricity supplier is the primary reason many businesses reflect the professional market "in the winter". In China’s trade and circulation system occupies an important position in the professional market, how to warm?

before and after the Spring Festival holiday, the reporter visited is located in Hangzhou city Wensanlu Road "digital electronic street" in EGO Xixi Cyberport, Bainaohui professional market, found the past "a cabinet is hard to find" the scene is already gone, a plurality of floors in different degree shows a large empty shops. Some are going home early in the new year, some do not work, in a computer monopoly field mobile phone area, a counter boss said, electricity supplier impact is too bad, the business is getting worse."

reporter visited the economic barometer, said the Yiwu commodity market, but also to see a lot of empty shop. Some shop owners said that in recent years, the business is not very good.

Zhejiang is a large province of market after the reform and opening up, the province has more than 4 thousand and 300 professional market. "In the past few years a very tense day", Zhejiang provincial government party members, former Secretary of provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau Zheng Yumin believes that "part of the professional market come to an end, it might not even be a way to avoid the problem of law."

Study on the

State Council Development Research Center of market economy institute director Ren Xingzhou said, now the plight of professional markets, although there is the impact of the communication technology, the rapid development of e-commerce, but the deep-seated reason is that the professional market in large quantities, high degree of homogeneity of similar goods has not adapt to the current market demand personalized, small batch.

industry insiders believe that, if able to adapt to the trend, to achieve the transformation, part of the market will survive in the new round of elimination, and is expected to become a leader in the creation of a new model of commercial circulation.

the plight of the professional market, the electricity supplier is the impact of the surface, in fact, the flow of excessive trade has been gradually abandoned the way consumers." Sheng Yongxiang, chairman of Ningbo investment and Development Co., Ltd., said Chen Huanmiao. Mainly in the market to do the rental costs and other costs are too high, hindering the development of the industry as a whole.

February 28th, the Ninghai county government, the Federation of industry and Commerce and other departments announced the establishment of the Ninghai furniture industry alliance, trying to improve the cost of a package of furniture consumer market, furniture market, the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Chen Huanmiao was elected the first president of the Federation of Ninghai furniture industry.

to Ninghai furniture industry alliance "Yiwu purchase" general manager Wang Jianjun does not deny the real market is suffered electric shock pressure, "the best way is to dance with the wolf," Yiwu purchase "to store settled, real integration of online and offline." Wang Jianjun said.

online and offline integration, cooperation, common promotion services market baotuan. Industry experts believe that this is the only way to achieve a successful winter market.