Sea Amoy C2C, cross-border electricity supplier in the future


"sea Amoy ferocious" with these four words to describe the past year, the sea Amoy market is appropriate.

international, Beijing East, Tmall purchased overseas purchase, shop No. 1 No. 1 sea Amoy sea Amoy have joined the team. Amazon, backed by the US has the advantage of natural source of Chinese Amazon, also in last year’s "double eleven" front line Chinese sea Amoy website overseas purchase". In the domestic and international business giants layout sea Amoy market at the same time, the brand has a strong entrepreneurial part reached the battlefield. Financing sound constantly, sea Amoy grassroots platform is an unusually strong rise in speed.

basic knowledge of economics tells us that the country, the region through the transport costs, customs clearance, time and other factors to form a regional monopoly market. However, the positive factors of the two aspects of cross-border consumer transactions become more frequent. First, the continuous opening of trade policy to break the monopoly of the state and the region; second, the rapid rise of the middle class to produce the demand for high-quality foreign goods.

the results of these positive factors directly on the data. Paypal data show that in 2014 China’s sea Amoy consumers reached 21 million people, overseas shopping up to $350 billion. It is predicted that by 2018, the sea Amoy consumers will reach 35 million 600 thousand people, the market size will reach $1 trillion.

big cake, the market crazy! In the golden age of the sea Amoy, we need to be more rational and calm perspective to analyze the future of the sea amoy. Learn from history, we can first analyse the development of the domestic electricity supplier.

three parallel development of domestic electricity supplier

any industry has its own logic and development laws, the entire electricity supplier industry development is also the same to follow a certain logic in the development of change. From the big pattern, the domestic electricity supplier industry is divided into three modes: vertical class B2C, integrated B2C, comprehensive C2C. Parallel development of the three models, in different stages, the three modes were accounted for the mainstream market.

people for multi category, rich commodity demand is innate. Naturally integrated B2C mode has become the forerunner of the electricity supplier business model, variety, large number, wide coverage, is the rapid development of integrated B2C and the original power strong, continue to solve the user for large and demand, on behalf of the enterprise such as Jingdong, etc..

compared to the integrated class B2C, C2C model is more to strengthen the problem of commodity richness, a large number of non-standard products, personalized goods flow through the C end output. Led by a single individual, greatly reducing the cost of operations, warehousing, and logistics. "Universal Taobao" is the representative of this model.

in the comprehensive B2C and C2C share the market at the same time, many domestic attention to the vertical field of electricity providers such as B2C, Lasafo, I bought a net, through their own in the field of contacts and resources, special note >