Jingdong line layout after the baby aimed at intelligent goods

not long ago to open a mother and child experience store Jingdong, on-line intelligent experience hall. Reporters learned yesterday, Jingdong’s first intelligent entertainment experience hall JD SPACE will be officially opened in May 1st blue harbor business district. Jingdong said, JD SPACE is part of Jingdong O2O strategy this year, in the future, Jingdong will be opened in different ways in the country even dozens of.

according to reports, JD SPACE by Jingdong IT digital division and the joint establishment of Ding Xing company, to provide consumers with online intelligent hardware, audio and video, interactive gaming devices and other products experience. In addition to the display and sale of goods, the store can also carry the game of the game, audio-visual products such as appreciation of the experience to play the main line activities.

reporter yesterday shop found that the current JD SPACE experience store has not yet opened, but the store has demonstrated a smart furniture, smart watches and other products such as X-box games. "JD SPACE" the clerk to the Beijing Daily reporter said, official business, consumers can store any experience, if you want to buy a commodity, with mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning products can be purchased directly on the mall in Jingdong.

company marketing manager what can be told this reporter, "JD SPACE" covers health monitoring, smart bracelet, smart watches, smart entertainment Home Furnishing, five categories of products, the display of goods there are 170 kinds of official business, a week will be held in different goods promotion activities. What can be said, the traditional concept of O2O is just the consumer online purchase, offline receipt, JD SPACE experience store would like to experience the real cut into the sales process.

Jingdong intelligent entertainment experience floor, aimed at the future of intelligent commodity market. Gartner research report released shows that wearable devices will be accompanied by personal computing devices and networking with growth expected in 2020, wearable device shipments will reach 500 million yuan, networking equipment shipments will reach 10 billion yuan; and interactive games, family intelligent entertainment core is the development of the consumer electronics industry’s next an air outlet.

this is the Jingdong in Beijing shopping center out of the second types of physical shops. In March this year, Jingdong’s first maternal and child products store experience in Beijing Tang Tang shopping center opened. In a maternal experience store, maternal Jingdong responsible person said the reporter for the Beijing daily, the purpose is to expand the store experience of consumer Jingdong maternal point of contact, enhance consumer Jingdong mother brand impression and brand loyalty. In the future, the Jingdong will continue to upgrade the maternal and child’s consumer experience, and continue to open in more cities and regions Jingdong maternal and child experience store.

In addition,

also opened for the incubation of entrepreneurial projects JD+ smart tea museum". It is worth mentioning that these entities and Jingdong independent O2O business subsidiary Jingdong home business does not coincide with the Jingdong out of the county and rural areas to help Jingdong service shop is almost no >