Buy industry competition intensified development bottlenecks encountered

group buying industry is an emerging industry, after a frenzy of 2010 and quenching in 2011, the development of the industry more rational mature. But in the face of fierce market competition, and the social credit system Chinese flawed, to bubble process with overwhelming negative, so this group purchase is also a bottleneck in the development of new things.

buy large fluctuations in

recently, handle network, Gaopeng have burst CEO leave a message. Since its inception, financing and layoffs seem to have been its theme. Nandu reporter from informed sources to obtain reliable news that the Ministry of technology recently pulled off 40%. Handle network responded: any enterprise in the development process, are likely to face the optimization of business and management, will experience a reasonable adjustment of personnel structure."

handle network crisis is not flat, Gaopeng trouble again. In April 26th, Yang Chengjian released internal e-mail Groupon CEO announced his resignation. There is news that Gaopeng or will be incorporated into the F group, after the merger with the F group, friends will start layoffs, layoffs will reach 60%.

two major buy network is responsible for the resignation, it is inevitable that people questioned. Personnel removed and cut, these really is just the optimization of business and management on the


advertising large reduction

corresponds with the personnel changes, changes in the operation of the strategy, a number of domestic websites in 2012 to reduce the advertising investment. Not long ago, Dangdang has stopped hao123, Baidu and other sites advertising, cut marketing spending. And recently, the handle network has also been stopped in the hao123, 360 navigation, mission and other well-known advertising sites, such as the launch of the 800. Other buy site also has reduced advertising, tight funding situation.

advertising cuts will inevitably affect the sales and operations, but the high cost of advertising, low-cost group purchase goods, make a lot of group purchase net income. By reducing advertising to cut costs, the industry generally believe that the network group purchase is a sign of tight money.

mergers and acquisitions boom set off

in the fierce market competition, group purchase industry experienced change radically. Statistics on the data, in September last year to buy the group reached more than 5 thousand, and in February this year, only the remaining more than 3 thousand. The most interesting is that once a scenery of Groupon due to a shortage of funds to demolish several sub station, on the verge of collapse.

investigate the reasons, mainly market and management issues. On the one hand, the market capacity is limited, buy the site, such as mushrooming, making the domestic market competition is too fierce, on the other hand, buy the market threshold is too low, and homogenization of serious competition. Some buy site fell inevitable.

in this case, the market response strategy is mostly the choice of mergers and acquisitions and cooperation. Such as: Gaopeng or will be incorporated into the F group. Before the F group has with the happy network, Wowo >