Meet the bottleneck of the development of the first batch of 138 groups to take the lead in the deve

compared to last year, now buy navigation development is not so fast, it should be a bottleneck." Group 138 ( founder Zhang Shousong said, "now rely on the navigation group purchase group purchase network is too large, if you want to break the bottleneck of development, we must through the transformation, gradually become independent from network group purchase platform. So we this revision, is the first step in the transformation plan, highlighting LBS and comments." Zhang Shousong from July last year after the resignation from the Alibaba Search Research Center, has been built 138. According to him, last year, from October to December, is the fastest time to develop navigation, IP visits per day can grow hundreds or even thousands. However, after the Spring Festival, the network began to buy a large area of death, a lot of small buy site, the product stopped updating, became a zombie station".

and Zhang Shousong similar buy navigation entrepreneurs, not a few. Judging from the current situation, most of the group navigation and no differentiation of competitiveness. Now the industry’s top three is Baidu navigation, navigation, 360 group purchase group purchase group 800, the three navigation before two is to rely on the master traffic developed, which belongs to the "two rich generation"; the 800 group as the largest independent group purchase navigation, whether it is the user experience, or flow, is a leader in the peer. While the other group purchase navigation, most of the three navigation "copycats", and even specialized sale group purchase navigation template website. The industry believes that the group purchase navigation shuffle has begun, half a year, the vast majority of group purchase navigation will be cleared out of the entrepreneur market, and finally to the left, is the difference of competitiveness or technical barriers to the industry elite.

, according to Zhang Shousong introduction, 138 from the beginning of this year began brewing transformation. April independent research and development, buy box iPhone/Android mobile phone to buy the client on the line, the number of downloads in the major mobile phone software market within a month to break 50 thousand. Buy box is now the best buy mobile phone client." Talking about the buy box, Zhang Shousong showed an absolute confidence in the mobile client, is the premise of our transformation, but also the foreshadowing of our revision, LBS is one of the focus of our future development."

how to reflect the difference has become a big problem facing the group navigation, but also related to the development of the industry. Although only the transition to seek new development, however, the vast majority of group purchase navigation or following "template" of the old road, a step away from the center of the market, to the depths of memory.