Zocainone vipstore.com won financing venture favored fashion business

in e-commerce practitioners agree on the occasion of the season, VC has been in the past quarter platform is coming ", fashion e-commerce sites are in the" winter network theory "is optimistic about the capital market.

in September 26th, with the aid of the network business platform for Taobao diamond brand zocainone confirmation for a rapid growth of up to two hundred million yuan of investment risk, investment from Zhejiang innovation fund industry and capital city. Zocai said that this is the 2011 domestic jewelry e-commerce industry’s largest RMB financing.

followed, in September 27th, the domestic famous sale e-commerce company share network announced that it has obtained led by Intel capital, Jinsha River venture, Taishan angel fund, financial capital and other institutions, Litian Huaguang together with the investment of tens of millions of dollars. Although the share network did not disclose the specific amount, but earlier this month there was news that share network D round of financing of US $20 million. The establishment of two years, the network share has been favored by the capital market network: January 2010, Taishan angel fund first obtained $1 million round of financing; in June 2010, the network share to obtain sonhwa capital lead investor in the second round of millions of dollars in financing, capital investment in January 2011, with Jiafeng; share network obtained by Jinsha River venture capital investment led the third level of ten million dollar Taishan angel fund, financing, capital sonhwa and a group from Hongkong to participate in investment.

by the electricity supplier fashion capital favored in fact more than zoccai and share network, after the network serves in March and August this year were $20 million and $100 million in venture capital financing; in addition, the source of capital, March 2011 LIAN source of diamond bird investment of 50 million U.S. dollars; in April, Chung Hua, Schwab capital capital to the joint venture of BLOVES in June, a high-profile investment Tencent; Kelan diamond.

in capital are optimistic about the fashion e-commerce website, "the capital market up and down, but the recent Chinese government will control regulatory agreement (VIE) rumors of mode, a lot of capital has become increasingly cautious, especially foreign currency fund." Analysys International analyst Chen Shou send said in an interview with this reporter. However, for those who have their own characteristics of electronic commerce enterprises, there are still a lot of capital to share in the course of the growth of a cup of soup, fashion website target group is clear, can quickly develop to a certain scale.


in the increasingly fierce competition in the market situation, IPO and refinancing hopeless business may only choose to sell or sell dead, but after the successful financing, how to make good use of financial funds, and is also a subject.


, chairman Wu Tao said, according to the domestic consumers of luxury "seeing is believing" the conservative consumption habits, with the financing will be used to optimize the Kaj plan "mouse + cement" marketing model, the Asian Five Star Diamond Experience Center Assistant Kaj Hangzhou international diamond building, construction area of 5000 square meters. Set up simultaneously