The present situation of Chinese tea E-commerce

Chinese tea ten tea beyond count, which are sold at home and abroad, but only by the supply and marketing cooperatives type sales model, it is difficult to open a larger market, let more potential customers to understand the advantages of Chinese tea.

as the world’s tea production, processing and sales of power, the total output value of Chinese tea reached ten billion yuan, but in the field of electronic commerce of tea is almost blank, how to develop e-commerce has become a topic of concern to the industry.


city" with the advantage of strong resource integration operating their own domestic tea Mount Huangshan Mao Feng’s years, has embarked on the information management, speed up the electronic network process. On the day before the launch of "tea" B2C e-commerce platform.

is currently China’s tea is a traditional product, was divorced from the era of rapid development of the Internet open online about tea industry website, in addition to put a tea product pictures, simple text, little information available. Tea production, processing, sales of the country’s information is still mainly rely on distributors and newspaper information. "Chinese tea culture is strong, commodity is weak, in twenty-first Century, the information society, it seems to keep up with the times." A IT industry elite said so.

it is understood that there are nearly 17 million acres of tea plantation, tea research institutions have more than and 20, a tea professional colleges by more than 10, but so far, there is not a specialized in information collection, analysis, processing, transmission mechanism, and learn some tea company and test station are respectively arranged in the tea books, information collection and publication departments, but did not make full use of existing resources to carry out the network information service, some tea enterprises or institutions or even computer equipment, tea trading is still stuck in the era of supply and marketing cooperatives".

, some industry insiders believe that a lot of the current conditions Chinese and e-commerce market matching is not perfect, in the tea market is more prominent, so the tea industry to quickly move towards electronic commerce, three aspects of the work are: one is to lay a good foundation for information management, technical preparation; the two is to promote the establishment of a brand. Consumer credit; three is the formation of the logistics channel fast unobstructed.

tea experts believe that the tea trade with great variety, specifications, the transaction time is strong, large quantities of characteristics, these characteristics have very beneficial to the e-commerce product screening and auction, however, due to the market throughout the country scattered, small-scale, regional outstanding, making use of electronic commerce to center around the tea what is done by a market organizers and managers to a market operator, service provider business function transformation. Such as the large-scale collection of information flow on South market, the establishment of a platform for the material market, the electronic business into the tea industry to provide the necessary conditions.

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