Double 11 electricity supplier of the ecological chain of war, to promote the pain behind the scenes

2015 double 11 in the major electricity supplier crazy price war hit the scene in the smooth fall of the curtain. There is no doubt that won the first crown sales is Ali, in 91 billion 217 million the numbers can refresh over the "double 11" turnover record. Maybe this is just a proof of the existence of "crazy online shopping" historical data. In the near 2016, it will be replaced again to refresh, but probably not, "double 11" of the festival in addition to grant business surface scenery, behind the scenes in the end how much pain.

electricity supplier giant ecological chain battle

according to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center monitoring data show that in 2015, the total sales of 11 double network platform for the first time more than one hundred billion yuan. This figure has a rapid growth in previous years compared to, but behind the glamorous figures, is the major electricity supplier in the "double 11" of the game, piled up fierce war victories". As long as there is war, there is always someone happy and sad.

said this year’s "double 11" outstanding performance, high-profile is probably "Ali + Suning" and "Jingdong + Tencent" the two head combination, the high-profile Ali Hunan satellite TV "double 11" star studded party, Jingdong and CCTV, Canxing cooperation "" Beijing "like night. And the double 11 day, Tmall turnover of 91 billion 217 million yuan; Suning online and offline network orders year-on-year growth rate of 358%; the Jingdong under a single volume over 32 million, an increase of 130%. Of course, in the "double 11" on the same day to get good grades as well as the United States online, and and so on, but compared to high-profile showdown Ali and other Jingdong, business performance compared with previous years and did not change the pattern of great.

can be said that the second half of this year’s "business war", the most talked about is "ASO and Beijing Tang", a trend of electricity industry, "cats and dogs" everywhere, Ali had Suning alliance to create "Peace Beijing campaign" and "Jingdong Tencent also pushed Beijing Teng plan to counter each other. In addition to strategic mutual tear, just in the past, the double 11, the two sides in the public relations is also a tear on the warm". Alibaba to report "disrupt e-commerce market order from the Jingdong to the state Industrial and Commercial Bureau real name, followed by Tmall responded to" chicken duck duck monopoly report, said the "counter Jingdong, as Ali’s ally, Suning directly released three advertising posters, Jingdong by innuendo" boss "fanfare.

the double 11 war, Tmall and Jingdong in previous years, sales of electricity supplier product is different, both sides have joined the Internet financial services. Ali’s data shows that the double 11 day, ant flower chanting transactions reached 60 million 480 thousand pen, accounting for 8.5% of total transactions, Alipay; Jingdong announced, "double 11" single day, Jingdong ious users grew 800%, accounting for the proportion of mall turnover grew 500%, among them, IOUs customer price reached 800 Yuan ious staging customer price reached 1500 yuan.