Domain name domain name to a standard mortgage right

              recently, the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake reconstruction, especially for small and medium-sized private enterprises to the post disaster reconstruction, China’s intellectual property experts proposed a technique called "intangible assets mortgage" policy to help. In particular, for small and medium-sized private enterprises in real assets or serious all the damage situation, unable to provide collateral to obtain loans from financial institutions, for this kind of earthquake hit enterprises, banks to allow enterprises have registered effective domain names, trademarks and other intangible assets as collateral, by financial institutions to assess the price the mortgage, so as to provide loans to small and medium-sized private enterprises, help firms to.

if the policy can really be implemented, the domain name, not only recognized the value equal to enterprise trademark brand resources, and the domain name as the intangible assets, enjoy equal treatment with the physical assets of enterprises. Of course, the current policies are in fact expert advice and appeal for the domain name economy, here I want to analyze the feasibility of the domain name of mortgage loans may encounter problems and the implementation of the policy.

1, domain name is not a valuable asset to the company?

first, although the domain name is a kind of intangible assets, but because the domain name is unique on the Internet, is the only number on the Internet people can access your domain name, so there is value. Many domain name we report a few years from the lawsuit media, and the majority of enterprises to protect their domain name resources are not violated protection measures taken can be seen, for the enterprise for the domain name is a widely recognized degree. In addition, in the reality of the existence of a common domain name trading, domain names such resources as a valuable asset is no problem.

since this time, the Internet has been spread such a message: according to a foreign media survey, about 82% of the companies surveyed believe that the domain name lost than losing company CEO caused more damage. It also shows the importance of domain name for the enterprise. The enterprise for their own domain name, generally carried out a certain amount of communication and use, not only to build a web site, but also carried out publicity and promotion, etc., which allow the domain name over time continue to increase.

so it seems that the domain name as collateral for bank loans should not be a problem.

2, the value of the domain name, may be a common problem faced by financial institutions and enterprises

the value of the domain name assessment, financial institutions and enterprises may need to face a common problem. The domain name of the enterprise, because the enterprise in the use of the domain name, such as the promotion of continuous investment, will inevitably result in the recognition of the value of the domain name is higher. After all, the domain name is only a kind of intangible assets, the bank as collateral for corporate loans, to bear greater risk than physical assets mortgage. In addition, the value of domain assets