Webmaster, the road ahead we really should give up

April 25th Baidu talk about the chain to determine the clear classification and the impact of the garbage outside the chain, in May 3rd, A5 came out to cancel the forum signature message. This is definitely not a small blow to often removed from the forum of stationmaster friends, anti chain related domain many websites are from the webmaster forum. The next big update and the number of sites to suffer? For this kind of problem have to guard again tucao.

in April 29th, the real name network marketing blog in the blog Zhu Weikun said: links to see a lot of people give up blogging. At first whether the webmaster or SEO workers, the establishment of an independent blog is largely playing their own brand, hoping to bring business to his blog, but with the passage of time, the blog also slowly disappeared in the course of history. Recently, because some of the work has been two days did not write the article, compared to the previous day a share does make people feel uncomfortable. In the station of a group of QQ group also has many people asked: how to protect not to share the reason there are so many, it is because of this, only to cause today’s topic.

one, the Internet will have a strong execution.

relative to any novice webmaster, everyone in 32 months of passion must be high. However, after 32 months did not achieve satisfactory results, and then slowly decline. As our website, we imagine is that my website must have the prospect of the industry, the user more slowly, I will be able to make money. In fact, when we really do when we find things are not as simple as we imagine. If the operational thinking is not correct, the marketing mode is not perfect, largely to obliterate the webmaster to fight, because we have long time not profitable, who also could not insist. Here is an exception, standing a row of webmaster forum, I believe that many friends have heard. This forum began to drop right up to 8 months from 628 last year, but including the guardian, the management team has not given up, in March to enable.Net for domain name suffixes, just over a month to achieve site second, every day thousands of IP, QQ group affiliated online communication information about 100 thousand. To a large extent, it has been proved that execution is the first step we need to pay attention to.

two: the road ahead we really should give up.

said the guardian did not write two days ago to share the original, in fact, to a large extent is not a topic of sharing, because they become lazy. Work as an excuse. As we do, we cannot read the code a lot of time, do not understand the optimization, do not understand do not understand marketing operations. Some people will go to the forum to find the answer, some people will go to the QQ group to ask questions, it was also directly communicate with the old webmaster. However, a two time is certainly no problem, a long time, not many people willing to share. Because we all have their own work, who will have the time to answer the question for free? For such a situation, how should we do? No one is willing to teach free of charge; the charges of their own money