Students start two years profit of 700 thousand (2) four standard choice of business products


the first two piece tells us how to start a business, and how to revive the impasse of entrepreneurship. Today, salt technology writers talk about how to make the choice of entrepreneurial products for college students.

when we set up a company, it is responsible for the responsibility of the staff, we have to take into account the interests of the development of each decision. In this piece we are mainly in the promotion of creative culture, because we own an open source community, so we hope that more people understand, but we are also selling products. After all, the company needs funds to survive. We are pleased to hear that the salt technology writer has found a big company like Intel in this area. They enter, it means that we are in the right direction, they are also beneficial to the promotion of the industry, so that more people to join the creation of this area.

When the

Data quest Inc told us that our brand has lined up at home third, we think: in the field of main control board we have mastered, then how the main control board in this platform to derive some new products to allow the company to continue to profit. In many products, we chose the 3D printer.

before selecting a product, salt technology writer combines with their own situation to choose, finally in the smart box, with a guest culture and open source technology in the outbreak of a new company named Fang ink. Ink square is also the company’s team of staff funded the establishment, and now doing 3D printers.

first, we do their own open source control board. We have a platform, in this platform can develop a lot of things. Such as educational robots, networking projects, 3D printers. Because the core control of these products is the main control board.

mastered the platform, you can do a lot of products. The important thing is to find out what is best for you. Screening found that the Internet of things is not suitable for us, its market is not enough fire, and we have such a team can not pull it. Because of the previous failure of the experience, education robot is not suitable for us.

we have a standard, that is, this product must be: low starting point, effective, market fire, the development of large space. Combined with these four points to select, salt science and technology writer found that 3D printers are the most suitable for us to do.

For the first

, the main control board made of the company, the 3D printer is not technically difficult; second, 3D and printer hardware products, quick return of funds, which is in line with the characteristics of quick; third, the current 3D printer at home and abroad, the fire was in a complete mess; fourth, the market basically coincide market and main board 3D printer, which indicated that the main control board of customer resources, the promotion of means and channels can direct transition to the 3D printer, so in the promotion we don’t need to do.

MCU is the biggest group in our school and fancier, the market will buy 3)