Sue soft webmaster check soft to the network issued a gift.

soft to net at the end of the year all the gifts of activities:, exquisite and practical gifts have all been issued, we check the


mouse pad mouse pad is the public in the warm light pink and brilliant blue color, exquisite texture is lovely cartoon patterns, this is the most popular mouse pad, soft to network responsible for the procurement of administrative plmm selected a lot of it this one; excellent Adsense obtained is elegant and beautiful the most popular acrylic Acryl12 inch photo frame, especially a strong, not afraid to fall, you can put the half dear photograph on top, sweet feelings will be with you forever.. The gold medal is the Microsoft owners to obtain high resolution optical mouse optical smart sharks, but genuine licensed. A little mouse, AdSense and soft news network peers. Quack..

IDG key investment projects to soft is Chinese top e-commerce website of Alibaba, eBay, the most important partner of many well-known manufacturers Chinese most well-known online game business in the Shanda online advertising market.

soft network integration of China’s excellent personal webmaster resources, based on the number of registered sales and precision marketing, is China’s current ROI investment return advertising pioneer.

in early March, sunny, soft advertising network will be launched in the near future for a series of large-scale market owners, and to return cash rebate integral you webmaster, please pay attention.

soft news network

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