Future online and offline advertising and trends

review: "as long as there exist online advertising activities, there will be" online "advertising data. It can be said that every moment, there are a lot of data in the online advertising industry. When the data accumulated to a certain scale, to a certain extent, the value of the. But why do these effects of considerable value of data can only be "on-line" advertising so gleaning network access, and not have a larger influence?

senior U.S. search engine data expert Harry Gold said: "these data can be used for broadcasting, printing, direct mail, outdoor public website," the. This "data line" long "status if" the network advertising industry deep resentment in a person with breadth of vision. It is one of the focuses of this paper to discuss the deep reasons.

this may be the reason: "advanced" online advertising, as well as those of "out of the traditional advertising, who also carries a heavy shell, inside has no real OPEN. data collection, data analysis, data mining…… This is our forte, but remember, as well as the last and most important – Marketing data. If you can make a salesman mind set aside, breaking out, traveling light, "online" and "offline" depth "and 2 unified whole" era will come. In the world, waving the baton will be an online advertiser.


online" and "offline" communication voice is still vast as in the past. For many, however, the so-called "integration" means that all elements of an advertising campaign are controlled by a single company, and only at the creative level".

I think that the higher stage of the whole game will contain data. In this area, the whole game will have the greatest effect. If you use the most popular vocabulary to describe this stage, I will call the "whole and 2".

every time I find online activity is just an extension of the line of creativity, usually confused. Agency and media departments use a lot of resources, spend a lot of time to expand the brand, to provide reference information for large-scale offline activities. And this information often comes from very small samples. From the design of the theme of this book is narrow enough, but also based on customer preferences re screening.

this is to put all the eggs in a creative basket. What is worse, online activities although fast, in the whole advertising budget was only a small proportion of. Once the online activities begin, the feedback from the results will affect the activities of the line too late. These data are usually only the most simple application – to optimize online activities.

by the offline activities (and the idea behind it) to drive online activities too many cases. In fact, things could have been a different face. From the online media and search engines to get the click rate, conversion rate, interactive rate and other data are ultra accurate real-time data. How does advertising and other advertising elements differ from