Network gaming in January up to earn 800 dollars


work: Earn time for player accounts

income: in January earned up to more than 800 yuan

with the increase of online game player, called a "gaming" rooting industry development in Shenyang, there was a "game studio" specialized business paid for playing games.

the whole body is only in the fingers moving

April 14th, reporters in the online search, there is nearly 10000 Shenyang Recruitment "gaming" advertising posts, mostly written: male, without work experience, understand the simple computer keyboard operation, free training, pay 500 to 700 yuan plus commission.

reporter to the identity of the candidates with a "Dailian studio" contact, then went to the nearby Tiexi District Weigong street studio. Into the two bedroom houses, two rooms were the boss and training staff residential living room, crowded with 16 machines, dark room hanging curtain.

is the work of the staff training are about 20 years old, black eye and gogo staring at the screen, the upper and lower body is only on the keyboard and mouse on the finger on the screen, the game characters "crackling" under the frame. After that, the reporter went to the eastern part of several studios, mostly the case.

reporter learned that these agents of the game is "World of Warcraft", "dream swims on the west", "paradise" etc.. There are a lot of foreign players playing the game server, for foreign players practice points.

two people replace 24 hours playing

a training officer told reporters that he has been doing this for 8 months, the first month income 600 yuan, after work, the monthly income of only 800 yuan, while a 20 machine boss at least a month can earn twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan.

their work is 24 hours non-stop account for the player’s services, two people one person a shift. In addition to eating, on the toilet, step away from the computer, if you play with a foreign server, once the ID is also possible to seal the white play". According to him, there is a time to complete the task, and then shut out in the house for a week, see the sun in front of a black almost planted a somersault.

just started doing, he also felt that both can play games and make money, very cost-effective, can always be mechanically repeated every day, cervical, lumbar are out of the question, even friends do not have time to contact.

income, health no legal protection

The reporter learned from the

Industrial and Commercial Bureau, at present, Shenyang city is still not "gaming company registration". The cultural department said, "gaming" is a new thing, there is no feasible regulations on its standard.

integrity Liaoning Cui Bowen law firm lawyers believe that the "gaming" line touches the legal gaps, but it belongs to a business relationship, and between > Dailian studio boss